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Penang Beach day

Well, now I’m going to update for the Penang trip. I’m always wanted to update about it but too many photo need to be resize and edit, sorry for the delay.

Thus, this post will be a photo story, kind of lazy after uploaded photo on it.

We had decided to have a beach day in day 2 coz it is way too far for the rest of the day.

The last night, all of us was having insomnia or home sick, we were damn struggle to sleep on the bed and the space was not enough for 5 of us. *kind of miserable*

The next day, all of us woke up at 5am *faint* for daily routine, coz we need to embark wait for Jennifer's uncle at 9am for visiting the temple.

T-shirt I wore that day, this is kind of funny, I wore Thailand T-shirt in penang!! People in Penang might think I'm stupid but I'm proud of wearing it! *head high up*

It was 7am, the view of the place was so nice and cozy, and we even can see Kek Lok Si at the opposite.

The weather was just nice for us to walk and did you see Kek Lok Si? It was so high up there, will post something on it next time. stay tuned!

We walked to the hawker center near our place and have our breakfast there.

There are few of us, coz we went Penang on weekdays so no much people actually have time for visiting. However, we saw some students still having their breakfast that time, I'm wondering whether they are going to school or not, coz it was 7.30am already!

First breakfast in Penang- Fried mee. Their fried mee is so yummy, I <3> After our breakfast, we walked through their pasar pagi (market) to the destination we want to go. Their pasar pagi were quite crowded with people, a lot of aunties and uncles went there for their meal.

While we were walking on the street, we saw this temple besides the road, so photographers (Ting and Jennifer) was so excited to capture the photo.

The Indian Temple on the road side. It is quite an old Indian Temple in Penang, most of the temple in Penang was damn old. (around 100 years +)Everyone was so busy doing their thingy, except for me and Ting (the camerawoman)

SEE!! We are so free!! (I had cut this photo as well, coz Jennifer's face was half appeared in this photo, sorry)

Group photo in the Temple while we were waiting for Jennifer's uncle to fetch us.

PS: The hottest day ever @.@

Jennifer's uncle fetched us to go to the next destination.

While we were in the car waiting for Jennifer to do something. This is what I love to do, camwhore!!
Ting always has this kind of pose! =__=


Guan Ying Temple!! around 100 + years I guess!

Pigeons was all around the place hunting for food, just like what we do in Penang!! Hunt for FOOD!!

After we have pray, it's time for us to embark to THE BEACH!!

Thus, Jennifer's uncle sent us to the bus station, and our bag pack journey began!!

While waiting for the bus....

We were so worry that we didn't reach on time!! *busy busy*

When get up the bus, sat for 30 minutes and reached the Beach! So cool..We actually sit a bus and reached beach by our own! *proud*

The view was so beautiful, and it was Rasa Sayang beach! *smile with blinked eyes*

Before playing on the beach, let's have lunch first..

Our lunch was....

Bamboo charcoal bread with raisin in it. Yummy..<3>
Ting's chocolate bread with melted chocolate in it. I'm so regret that I didn't buy it coz it taste heavenly. The softy bread and chocolate melted in my mouth, it was so yum...and cheap!!
Later that, we were down at the seaside playing happily...

Make all sort of "star" shape with our fingers and legs

Footprint on the beach!! Let's guess, where is my footprint!!!
Answer given!!

From left to right (in the photo)- Ting, Jennifer, Mine, Shin and Bee yoke! From small to cute was that!

Our shadow on the sand <3> With the beautiful beach in Penang!!! The sand was so clean, love it

The hot weather + white sand + clean sea = perfect beach day!!!

Step into the sea! cooling....

We can't stand this kind of hot weather, so after awhile we headed to the top which had shade for us to have all kind of thing to do such as chit chatting, video-ing and photo-ing of coz.
I'm trying to go up of the "sand hill", but sadly failed, I'm no potential to be a hiker =__=

All of them was actually laughing at me while I was trying to do so, they are so bad!! *sob*

Photo time at the beach!! We've all sort of photo taken at there and most of them was damn funny.

The normal one

Trying our best to pose like a model, obviously we failed! *laughing*

Try again, can I consider this as pass?

Modeling using timer! WAHAHAHA....

I've said that we have tons of funny photo right? I'll post one only coz most of them was damn funny and ugly....
We were acting as if there is something going to hit on us!! *laugh non-stop*

Rasa Sayang view! I hope to go in and have a stay for one day.....


I'm trying to climb and jump into the hotel by myself...

NO LAH!! I want to have a photo with the Rasa Sayang view, that's the point I climb on the rock! Do not misunderstand!! WAHAHA....

We were damn exhausted after some game created by ourself...

So, I lie down on a chair and have sun bathing with cloth *sweat*

I really feel damn exhausted coz the weather was damn hot and dry. We finished our beach day after that

and capture photo with the Rasa Sayang Rsort & Spa!

After that, we walked to Tanjung Bunga as we wanted to see the beautiful buttlefly farm

Have lunch at KFC (I know it is weird to go KFC in Penang, but Tanjung Bunga is a rural place, no yum food for us to nom...)

However, we have failed to find buttelfly farm as we went to the wrong place, so we took a bus ride to find for it. In the bus, I felt damn scared coz the place was even rural then Tanjung Bunga!! OMG! I'm going to faint soon..
We reached there around 3pm, and walked to Buttlefly farm!
The sign had told us that it is 1KM to buttlefly farm, but we ended up like walking 2 or 3 KM to reach the place. We gave up at the end, and headed back to the bus stop...

The bus driver was so shock when he saw us at the bus stop. According to the bus driver, we were almost there if we continue our journey!! =__= We wasted our time and energy!!!
But, nevermind coz at least we saw this little buttlefly when we headed back to the bus stop! Good try anyway...

Rapid bus which I love the most! It was convenience and their service was awesome.

Our very first bus ticket, and cost us RM 3.40 to Batu ferringhi (from Komtar)
We failed to do everything in day 2 of our trip, so we decided to plan for the next three days and first we need to get our Penang map at Komtar!

Komtar in Penang!

Their shopping mall decorated with this old George Town look.

and a old type tricycle which need a person to pull it. According to Jennifer, her grandpa own one in those days.

With the tricycle! Love. <3>

We found a place and have a sit on it...
Took out the map we collected in Komtar!!

and discussed the place we wanted to for the next three days!! They were damn serious planning for the next 3 days trip, because they do not want to disappoint me! (I knew it, Tomodachi!!)

The place we're going to go had been circle by Jennifer, the tour guide!

Around 6pm, we went dinner at street ( I'd forgotten the name of that street, forgive me please!)

They have like 10 to 20 stalls at there and the food there was so yummy and cheap!! Good for our budget trip!

Chi cheong fan! Yum... cost RM 0.70 (if I'm not mistaken)

ABC- ice kacang! RM 3 with ice cream... OMG! Why Melaka don't have this kind of ice kacang one, I love it so much...with ice-cream and tons of ingredient in it. Worth it!

Hokkien mee.

In Penang, their Prawn mee is known as Hokkien mee (this is quite new to me when I first step in Penang)
And we've another mee which called Wa Tan Ho (in melaka type), I love the most!!
Right after our dinner, we went back to our home sweet home by bus and that was the most exhausted day during Penang trip!

Ting and I had a competition- Who with the muscular hand!

Contest between me and Ting in the rapid bus!! I felt so sorry to the driver! WAHAHA....

We were playing happily in the bus yet the bus driver still need to smile at us. I think he is so angry of us that day, but still smile at us. *sweat*

Penang people is the most friendly creature in the least better than Melaka, am I right?

PS: I've finally finish typing this post, it took me about 4 hours to finish up! *angry* coz I'm gonna help my aunty for around 2 hours and upload photo for 1 hour! *sweat*

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