Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is this called as FRIEND??

I mean is that called a friend was weird! We are friend when we are back in secondary (ok, not that close actually) school, the whole class were friend. However, friend has categories as super close, close and FRIEND, and he was the one who just friend. After our secondary school life, some of my super close and close friend were still outing together, hang around at night (as what you all can see I blogged), chit-chat together, play around with each other, “shop” together (we done less for it) and we even laugh together. This is so called friend. The problem is he never ever contact us (ok, just me) once, I’ve just seen him at shopping center and doing some promoter job (now he is the manager).

On my birthday (last year), he took my contact number (my entire friend as well). For some couple of weeks or days, he has contact some of my friend such Jennifer, Bee and Ting. I felt nothing since we have lost contact for sometimes, it is normal not to contact me or some of my friend. We were like very curious why so in a sudden he has contact one of our friend at first, we would think the other way (this is out style of thinking). He has missed contact for some couple months later. WERID RIGHT?

A couple months later, my turn to receive a message from him (Jennifer as well), the following is what he has send to me!

1st message from him

 OK! It is super weird when somebody send damn formal message to you. There sure must be something fishly or club thingy (he is my secondary classmate, so not consider club thingy!)

Then of coz I answered him in a super formal way! You know what! He actually reply me!

2nd message!
 OMG! As if he don't know I'm actually a MMU-ians since 3 years back. Oh right! I shouldn't reply this message actually! This is weird. I'm way too stupid that he might want to have a class gathering with us! OH SHIT!

3rd message
 Alright! Now this is the main purpose of contact me! WHAT ON EARTH IS HE DOING? Learn a new concept? Want to share with me? This is way too much!!
I got freak out and reply him that I'm freaking busy on this coming weekend (as if I'm)

Who knows, this freaking "good friend" of mine reply me thing that make me faint!

4th message and it is the last one!!
SEE!! He stated that this new concept will be success, and how he join it, the benefit of joining...bla bla bla.. make me even angry when I read, then I decide not to reply him anymore!!

Is this called a friend?? Contact you whenever there is something that he or she like to "share" with you! It is just like insurance agency (ok! no offence please, I know some are being force to do it)! Freak me out!!!!!

PS: When I asked Jennifer this thing, she said she got it too, and she ignore! I should ignore it, and save my credit to SMS my dear tomodachi or friends!!

Lesson learn, if a lost-contact friend wrote something damn formal to me, I should ignore it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New video!!


Sorry for causing some inconvenience, the video I'd uploaded seem not working for some of you! ARGH! Got mad on it, and it state block or something! What is happening now? I don't get it actually! Still figure out. I'll upload a new one tonight or probably tomorrow if the video is successfully uploaded!


Yea! A new video is finally up here. I'd just realise that I didn't make any new video since last year September. WOW! That's was pretty long time. I mean I do make some video during this 7 months, but I didn't even post up once during these months. My bad I know!

But anyway, now it's time to enjoy my video! Is a bad one, and I used the same song that I made for my cooking tutorial! I'm gonna search for a suitable song for the rest of my video..

Do you enjoy it?

Hope you like it!!!

PS: I can post this up earlier actually, but due to some upload problem I delay it! And I spent like 5 hours to upload this! It really freak me out sometimes!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My new toy!

My NEW TOY from my cousin!

His is pupp and bunny new friend! I love it so much!