Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell gathering part 2

As promised, I’m going to upload the video which I had taken in Jia Wei’s farewell gathering.
There will be funny video which you guys should not ignore it.

The competitions between them are so funny and some funny comment on it.
Please do not ignore! I beg you!

Penang V.S Malacca!!

The winner is our Miss Jennifer, and the reason why she won this competition is because her food was quite limited!! *laughing*
Not exactly! Is because of her taste, quite yummy, I love it!! Support you, Jennifer~!

*There is some problem for the video of Malay fried rice (Siti) V.S Chinese fried rice (Jia wei). will post next time (it is the most funniest video we have) *

Chinese fried rice (Jia Wei) won the game!!

It’s has a story behind this video,
After the competition, Bee Yoke wanted to cook a plate of egg prawn for us, so she prepared the entire ingredient before the game and started right after the game!
As she put the eggs into the pan, the egg starts to “swim” as fast as it could. That was really funny.

At last, the pan was full of the egg!!
We were laughing so loudly until those people next after us was curious about it.

Right after those funny video, we ended our farewell gathering and have some walk in Mahkota parade. We decided to give Jia Wei a present since he is going to New Zealand next week, so we went Universal travel (something like that) and bought a winter cap for him. It is a nice red color winter cap. (No photo provided, sorry!)
We went back home around 11pm and say good bye to Jia Wei!!

Good luck and take care, Jia Wei!!

PS: I vomit right after I went back home, because I ate too much food that day. *disgusting*

LAST!! Something unbelievable I wanted to show you guys!!
Something miracle happened in Seoul Garden!!





Is this miracle?? WAHAHAHA....

PS: 12 days to go....Chinese New Year is coming soon...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farewell gathering part 1

There will be two parts of Jia Wei’s farewell gathering because there are too many photos and videos need to be uploading! If I put of the video and photos in one post, you people might be scolding me and spam my blog. Am I right? So, for your convenience, I should post it in two posts. But anyway, it is not that important.

Well, today we had a small farewell party for Jia Wei who is going to study at New Zealand for 3 years. (In exact, it is 2 and a half year) thus, Jia Wei, himself had chosen Seoul Garden as a place for us to have fun with him.

This is the second time I went to Seoul Garden and the first time with friends. It is a good experience with friends.

Before we went there, we met our long-time-no-see friend, Su Ann, it is quite sometimes we met each other in school, so have a short chat with her and later we go on to our small gathering or party, whatsoever.

We reached Seoul Garden around 6.30pm, and straight away have our food on time!
Have some photo with the logo, this is what we usually do it!!
See!! Shi Ting was so hungry and hope to eat something delicious!! (not exactly)
Our food arrived!!
WOW!! We took quite a lot of food today, simply because I'm so hungry after some chat with Su Ann. I love the CLAM so much, it is so fresh and tasty!! However, the most popular fish was quite disgusting for me. Sorry!!
closed up!! It looks so tastier now. *smile*

The food was cooked and we started to eat!!

It is quite boring when we just eat and eat and eat, right? Thus, Bee Yoke came out a brilliant and fun food cooking competition.
The rule was…
1. Each person need to prepare their own ingredient from there and cook it with their ingredient. 2. Those ingredients must be taken from Seoul Garden food place. No outsider food.
3. Nobody can help the contesters
4. Each contester cannot cheat!! (this is the most important rule)

We didn’t follow the entire rule actually coz….
You people will know why after watching the video. (Will post on tomorrow)
The first group of contesters – Bee Yoke and Jennifer
The main ingredient is Mee and “Dong Fen”
And they present us the most tasty food!! I mean it is not as tasty as those in the restaurant but it is so tasty for me. They really a good cooker, especially Bee Yoke. She can cook a lot of food indeed! However, the winner for this round was Jennifer. ( Video will post on tomorrow)
Second group of contesters - Jia Wei and Shi Ting.
The main ingredient was RICE!!
They are going to cook fried rice!! Cool!
The second group present us fried rice!
UP-Jia Wei. It looks so normal yet the taste was so delicious. He is so damn professional in cooking.
Down- Shi Ting. Don't judge food by it's apperance (Jennifer said that). WAHAHA. Shi Ting, don't be sad, your fried rice is quite nice, but you need to put more salt!! *smile*
(video will post on tomorrow)
Dessert time!! My beautiful creation.
This is the fail one. It is quite fail and tasteless with ice!! At last we throw away the ice and left the ice in the soup. Quite disgusting actually.

Love Clam so much and started to have some photo with it.
Did it looks familiar to you people??
YES!! This is the same pose from my previous post except I am using clam as the decoration of my eyes. *evil laugh*
Okay, if you are going to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you may do so before you scroll down, because I’m going to present the most disgusting photo ever.

Are you ready for this ??

Aren’t you feeling well now??

Do you really ready for this now?

If ready….then you may scroll down!!
Tada!! The most disgusting photo of mine!!
Food stuff in my mouth!! *laughing*
Do you feeling well now? If not, I'm so sorry!!
Photo with Jia Wei. Will be miss him coz he is not going to come back for about one year, I guess. Coz it is quite expensive for him to fly back to Malacca.
Group reflected photo. This is quite blury actually.
This is much more clearer!! Love this photo the most.

We have a lot of fun moment at there, and it is quite remarkable. When we gonna have this kind of gathering again??
Probably next year or the year after next year......

Love Seoul Garden gathering.

PS: Will post up the entire video tomorrow, stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Problem settled!! *wee*

I have finally settled the problem!
One night of worried, finally I got some satisfied answer from SRC (our student presenter, I should say). They had told us that, we don’t need to take MUET test this semester and it is for the June 2009 intake.

Thank GOD!! This mean I didn’t have to take the stupid MUET test this semester, and yes, I would have a better life in this semester.

I would like to thank the SRC! They are so damn effective and efficient when come to resolve problem.

Many people had made some complaint on their Facebook (they even have a facebook, quite advance right?) and they have give us feedback today morning!

I really salute to them!!

My friend said they are better than Cyber SRC!! Good news for Melaka campus!

Okay, this is just a short post! Got to go…

PS: We would have a farewell gathering at Seoul Garden tomorrow! Hope there is no changes anymore. Waiting for tomorrow!!

Everybody is facing the same problem with me!! *sigh*

I’ve tons of problems today, and yes, most of the people in MMU have this kind of problem as well. We are the same, same campus, same problem. *sigh*

I’m so confusing right now, many people too.

Many of my friends were cheering me up, yet it is so not work to me. I just can’t forget about it, some of them were like what happened to you? And I didn’t give them response! Coz I really have no mood to talk about it and didn’t tend to give them feedback, sorry friend!

I’m really not in good mood today, I’m asking why from the day when I started my studies in the stupid campus and yet they haven’t give us a perfect or good answer to us. It is so irresponsible! Hate MMU!

I know I’m not supposed to scold my own school, but they really trouble us a lot. *seriously*

From the internet system to adding course to MUET (Malaysia University English Test) changes stuff, MMU had really troubled us a lot; they like to trouble the students. I mean us! The pity FBL student! We always will be the unlucky one.

Tons of assignments are waving their hand to us and yet this stupid campus still drags us to HELL!!
What are you people doing in MMU?? Can you guys just be more professional??
Their systems are totally sucked from the first day I studied in MMU!! *seriously*

I’m hoping that they will give a perfect answer tomorrow, if they are still acting like nothing. I will ….

Speechless is what I can do….

PS: My flu and cough still haven't recover. *sad*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random photo...

Fine, I’ve no passion to blog anymore. Where is my passion? Can you just come back to me now!! My post is getting shorter and shorter these days.
So, to let my blog alive, I would upload some photo to it.

Yesterday, bro, sis and I gather with my long-time-no-see cousin aka sand storm (he called himself sand storm in Facebook) and my bro new found friend, Nick. We went for yam cha at one of the Indian stall near my house. We were talking, teasing and laughing as if like we are the only customer at that particular stall, my cousin was so funny; he keeps on teasing my sis with some “knowledge”.

Besides my cousin, bro also do that to my sis too. Simply because my sis is the blur queen in my house!Sand storm is acting cute!! First time in my entire life I see my cousin act cute. He is a funny guy ever. His face is kind of gangster look, but in real he is so funny, like to tease my sis.
My sis and I. We look so tired in this photo and YES!! We are so damn tired that time, coz it is 2.30am!! OMG! Can you imagine 2.30am at Indian stall? I’m totally in sleeping mood!
Sand storm, sis, bro and Nick. I'm the photographer!!


Is my turn to have photo session with them.
Sis is the photographer this time!! Pretty obvious actually....
Camwhore. This is what I wanted to prove to my cousin! My camwhore skill. Look good in this photo??
(The iphone imagine, by sandstorm and edited by him as well)
Second place- went for disco tea!

Well, disco tea is not the tea that sells in the disco place, I didn’t been there before too. It is just tea with three colors. According to my cousin, disco tea is the Malacca famous tea. Do you agree? Happy ending!!! LOL...

PS: Do you people notice that my photo is so blurry these days?? It is simply because I'm using my 2 mega pixels hand phone camera to capture those photo, my baby pinky camera is still in the factory *sad. Sorry for the inconvenient! =]
PSS: It seem like I have type a lot in this post, a good news for me!! *smile*
PSSS: I'm waiting for CNY!! 18 days to go....*waiting*
PSSSS: I'm suffering from cough and flu today, kinda bad luck!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Outing again and again!~

Another shopping day with the funny Jennifer, yesterday 3 of us (sis, Jennifer and I) went shopping again. This time before we headed to the only 2 famous shopping centre in Melaka, we went for breakfast at Kampung Ulu. This stall is introduced by Jennifer and the food was so nice and tasty.It tastes like "bah kut teh" yet it is not "bah kut teh". Confuse right?

This is a video where we introduce the food!!
Enjoy it!

It is kind of funny.

After the breakfast, it’s time for us to go for shopping.
When we enter the main door, we saw some donation stuff, it is so beautiful, the flower was so nice. Well decorated.

Anyone can drop a coin and make a wish on it. So nice right?
The wishes. Love it.

We were walking and walking, yet can't find any good thing in the shopping centre, so end up eating "Roti Paratha". This stall is super nice and the food are so tasty. Love it.
There are many variety of food can be order. Besides "roti paratha", they also sell crispy, I mean crêpe. Yum Yum~!
Jennifer's Cheese chicken ham roti paratha.
This looks so delicious, it has cheese, chicken ham and onion!! I'm so hungry right now!! *saliva is coming out!*
Sis and mine's ice-cream roti paratha. Nice and cold!! I love the roti paratha, it is so nice and crispy. Not oily at all.. Ice-cream + Roti Paratha = perfect match!! Love it so much. I will buy again.
Eating my roti paratha happily.

PS: My post is getting shorter and shorter nowadays. What happened to me? I need to have more idea and passion when I’m updating my blog. Where you both go to? I need you!!
PSS: My life is so boring as well. Nothing to update!! Sorry!

New year, new try!!

I had tried something new yesterday
Something that is limited edition
Something that will produce only in special occasion!!
Something that is great!!!
Something that I love to drink

The drink I always love...TADA!! Anglia, the reall shandy in GRAPE flavor!!
The new production of ANGLIA!!
And it is produce in special occasion only.... cool.
I love it!!

Yum yum!!!

Love it...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy big day!!

Dear mimi birthday yesterday, but due to some badminton game with friends, we had delay her birthday celebration about 2 hours. However, it is okay for mommy I guess. Don’t angry ya!

When I came back around 9.30pm, it’s time for some small birthday celebration for mimi. Daddy, sis and I celebrated mimi birthday yesterday. (Bro was left out because he still in KL now, *sob* will be back on this coming Saturday, cool)

Before going to play badminton, sis and I went Italy cake house to bought cake for mimi.
It is an America chocolate cake. This cake is totally fill with chocolate, and the chocolate was so damn thick, it makes me sore throat today. *sad
Before the celebration, let’s me captured photo with mimi first!

Now Daddy and mommy together. Both in blue colour T-shirt. ( It is just a coincident, seriously)
Daddy is kissing mommy.. This is so sweet!! *shy*
us without bro again..
He should come back yesterday, but what to do, he need to work. *sob*
ME with the America chocolate cake.

PS: Mommy had warned me not to post up those photo, so there is less photo to share. *sob* and I'm kind of lazy to post so many words, so today post is kind of short!! Sorry reader!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Something cute from my aunty!

What’s the thing that attracted me?

Yeah! It is a lovely two way tree.
I’m sure you guys are so curious about this lovely two way tree as well, right?
First, it attracted me by it cute appearance.
But as I explored this lovely two way tree, I found it usefulness, and it is so damn effective!
It can separated into two. That's all??
Nope!! Absolutely nope!!

This lovely two way tree is a two way door stopper!!
First way
Second way- the tree "trunk".

This is so called lovely two way tree!
Awesome right?
It is useful as well as cute!!
What a good thing my aunty has!
PS: My baby camera is in the shop right now! I need to wait for one month for them to repair it. *sob*

Sweet something

I said sweet something is just a naughty name from a cookie; indeed it is something sweet from Yun Chee aka big head!

She gave my sis and I this for souvenir from Singapore I guess, am I right, Yun Chee?

This is rather cute and sweet for me, and it has a blink blink eyes and shy shy look on the face. Madly in love with it!! Besides that, it has a heart shape rubber thing hanging with it.
The white one is mine!! MINE!!!
This is cute right?

Thank you, Yun Chee aka Big Head!!
Love you *kiss*

PS: there is some problem with my camera!! While I on the button, it has a weird sound on it! *sigh* Need to go repair shop now! *sob*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

They came back again!! *kiss*

As you people know, CNY is around the corner; it’s time for us to clean up the house, so mommy clean up the cabinet and store room yesterday. (I helped her packed up those stuffs that we wanted to donate to other people)

There are tons of thing in my store room, and this is what we wanted to donate!

We have a lot of thing to donate! From clothes to plates to cups….

After packing the plates with the newspaper, we headed to fetch my dad!

Camwhore with my sis in the car. (she is the driver that day, I'm the Passenger with the sun glass *wee*)

Around 6pm, my uncle from KL came back! I’m so happy because I got to play with my little cousins again. I had waited them for about 2 weeks, simply because they had delayed their visiting to Malacca from Christmas until now. ( my cousins got sick when it’s time to come back Malacca. I think they hate Malacca so much)

Have some nap before going to gather with them. I miss my little cousins so much and Jun Shen can talk a lot right now. Pretty funny talking with him coz he has his own word to describe it. Besides that, he will hug and kiss when he is in happy mood, so damn cute. Love him.
Before sleeping, they need to brush their teeth, and immediately I took out my handphone and captured their cute brushing teeth photo. Jun Jie and Jun Shen is brushing their cute little teeth. I love their BIG eyes, so damn cute. Miss them so much. However, I didn't play much with Jun Jie this time coz he is kind of emo yesterday. (Maybe he is shy to talk to me now. Big boy already)

Good News!!
Our Jun Jie is going to school now and he is just 4 years old!! Nowadays children are getting smarter and smarter toward their action. For example, Jun Jie will say something to envelop his wrongness.
This morning we went “Qing Yun Ting” (Chinese temple). The place is still the same, nothing change actually. (Coz I went there 2 weeks ago)
Have some photo in this oldest temple in Malacca.

While waiting for uncle to buy his TOTO (lottery), we have some photo in his new car (Vios). He bought a new car yesterday and drove back to Malacca immediately.
My two little cute cousins. Love them so much.
Do tiger look (since tiger year is coming soon) with my little cousin, Jun Jie and Jun Shen is looking at us curiously. *=.=lll

I think I look fiercer than you my dear Jun Jie. You are so cute!
Together forever. With sis, aunty and cousins in the new car.
We went Jusco later that, cousins were playing happily with those games. I miss those games too.
Two pilots and one passenger. (Aunty and two little cousins.)
After playing and shopping, it’s time for us to have out lunch or tea time whatsoever. We headed to Jun Jie’s favorite! SUSHI KING!!

The food there was much more expensive than Sakura house. It is so costly compare to the Sakura house.
Green tea. (I love their Green Tea)

Cheese Sushi. I didn't eat it before, it seems like it is the new ingredient. Am I right?
I don't really know coz I didn't go there often.
Camwhore with sis at Sushi King!
Their set meal- Salmon fish + soup + rice + steam egg ( I love the steam egg, it is so smooth and nice)
The super no taste fried rice. It is totally tasteless.

After the lunch, we have some shop and end our shopping day by 5pm. It is pretty tired after the some shop.
Moreover, uncle bought me a brand new badminton racket!! I'm so happy.
PS: Sis, do not ever let people take it again and please remember this is belong to our house and not belong to somebody!! Okay??
Thank uncle, I really appreciate it!! *kiss*
PS: I'm going to school tomorrow. Today is the last day of school holiday, I'm so miss my holiday and outing with JLS, Vicki, and Sampated gang!! *sigh*
It's time for us to back to school!! *sob*
I need more holidays!!