Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love to Touch My ______

Well, this title is quite mystery when everyone see it, am I right?
Please do not think of something “dirty”, I need to continue my title right now..
I love to touch My LG Cookies 3G!! Get it, people?

I love to touch the elegant, slim, sexy and super nice LG Cookies!!!

So now, question is WHY I LOVE TO TOUCH LG COOKIES damn much??

This is because it is touch screen of coz...
It has 3 inches screen with a 240x400 pixels resolution to view my SMS, EMS, MMS and Email, it will be easier for me to SMS and Email.

Besides that, as a gamer like me, I need touch screen damn much, because some incident happened to me everytime I'm playing game.

When this incident happened, it wasted my time to press the stupid keypad, as a result I lose that game! *grumpy*
With LG Cookies, I can easily point things with my fingers!!
PS: It wouldn't pissed me off while I want to press that stupid # key, I hate to do so.....

Touch Touch Touch....
My statement: life will be better if there is internet wifi around me!=)
SO....I would love to have an mobile phone with wifi access (with touch screen of coz) which LG Cookies can make my dream come true.
OK! I'm dreaming right now, dream that my phone is LG Cookies, even monsters are curious about it. I know I'm wrong, stop me please!! *dreaming about owning a LG Cookies right now*

With LG Cookies, I can access to my blog and reply some comment on it with one finger or pointer!! Make my life easier than now!
LG= Life's Good! It really make life good...good slogan, good product!!
I still dreaming of owning one LG Cookies, (pretend that I'm using my phone as LG Cookies =__=) I hope to own one, *seriously*
I will Touch for the whole day!!!!!!!

Touch Touch Touch....
make my life easier!!!

So now, LG Cookies is having a LG Cookie Monster party. Everyone need to dress in Monster constume, and nuffnang is giving out prize for 2 well-dressed bloggers with LG Cookies 3G!
*Great prizes*

This party will damn cool loh, all the bloggers will dress in Monster Constume that night. Besides that, Kennysia will be the host of the party. *cool*

100 bloggers will be invited!

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

For more information click here

PS: I hope I can win these prizes!! *pray for GOD*

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