Thursday, April 30, 2009


Just now when I am doing my webpage suddenly something had happened!!
That is I had deleted the entire file that I had done for 2 days
I have to do it AGAIN!
No kidding!!
Fail! Fail! Fail!
Why I am so stupid??
So blur!!
Lydia, why you delete the entire file?
I really speechless this time!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

EMO :(

Just now I had a fun and fantastic swimming day at Seri Bayan, klebang.
We had kind of like zakuzi in the pool
Bubbles all the places
This is so….relax and fantastic!!!
My family friend Sandra went there too
Truly have fun with her.....
I think without her there will be less laughter in the pool
No kidding I am serious!!
She play she swim she even eat in the pool
Absolutely funny!!!
As usual, after swimming we had took a bath at the wash room
And chit chatting in that washes room too!!
So relax!!

But NOW!!!
My mood had turned badly
I am absolutely angry now!!
That stupid printer spoiled again
I am damn angry and have no mood to talk to anybody now!!!
I mean NOW!!!
Why always spoil when I want to use it?
Why always spoil when there is an emergency?
I really need it!!!
Who can print for me??
Can somebody help me??
I am so sad now!!
I need to pass up my thing tomorrow
I need help!!!
No lying!!
I am serious now!!
It had been repaired last few day and now spoiled again!!
Oh my goodness!!
Really driving me crazy!!!
How am I going to do ???
I need help!!!
Help me!!!

My creativity

At this moment I want introduce you guys
This is really cool
I had download and try it these day
It is extremely fun
This software can change the background and also the effects of the photo
It will make your background become fabulous and cute! ~
Besides that, you also can edit text inside the photo that we had edited
Coo right?
Now I gonna show you guys what I had edited through

This is what i had edited in this picture
I had put my cousin dreaming face inside this picture!!
Quite success right?
I love this the most
It is quite perfect than others that I had edited...

Happy day!!
This is my first edited photo!!
It is not so perfect actually
This is because of the line I had drawn!!

Cute Baby!!
I love the oranges and lemon
It is so cute!!
It match my title!!!
damn cute....
Feel like wanna bite them!!!!

This is the LAst picture I had edited!!!
Quite weird actually
I really like this view very much
It is so beautiful!!
But it doesn't match our reaction actually...:(

Those are the picture that I had edited!!
Via you may also edit your photo into this kind of background and effect
This is extremely useable to change the effect!!!
Love this software so much!! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funny Ice Breaking!!

"HI, I am RED APPLE, nice to meet you guys, 8.8cm tall !!!"

My friends and I had some tea at MMU CORNER
They had something NEW for today
That is funny ice breaking!!
Each person need to introduce themselves in any funny name!!
Oh none!!
I am RED Apple!!!
After having this name we need measure the height too
funny right?
The funniest Ice Breaking ever!!!
I love this ice breaking so much
After we had went back, we wrote the name at our personal message
It is so fun!!
Love it so much!!
We are the most crazy group ever!!!
Even thought we are crazy but we don't care of others
We just do what we like!!

And I think we will be the black listed in MMU CORNER
Because we are too noisy when plying this game!!!
Sorry to the customer in MMU CORNER!! Orz

P/S: sorry to be late guys!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Last few days, there is a problem with my blog skin
I don’t why it suddenly became so messy and It makes my blog so untidy
I hate that!!
So I decided to change my blog skin to something else
But since I don’t know how to change it, I left it for many days
I truly wanted to apologize to the people who had difficulty to read my blog
I am sorry guys!!
Because of my blog, make you guys have some eyes problem I am sorry
But now!!
My blog had fully recovered *evil laugh*
I have no idea why it suddenly recovered actually
It just appear in a sudden
It kind of weird, right?
But never mind, at least it has been recovered
If not I need to wait until my sis have time to do it for me
Too demand on people
Must change! Lydia!!

That’s all
I need to have a break now
Good night :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

finally it is alright!!

My baby had finally came back home!!
I miss it so much!!
I am so…..happy now!!!
She had recovered!!
Love it so much!!!

She is my anklet
A gift from my mom when I am 17 years old
But it had been spoilt by my Nicky since Chinese New Year eve….
I am so sad that day because it had been spoilt by my dog in a very important day
I am truly sad!!
Tear drop from my eyes and the sadness is true
However, sadness had past and the happiness began!!
Because she had recovered!!
I am so happy!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009







This is a nice and fantastic drama
You guys sure love it after you had watched
And the Actress is so......handsome and pretty
This drama is better than the taiwan one...
so don't miss it!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Extremely happy!!!

Today I spent all my time with my sis and her friends
At first, they said they want to go for PC fair so I decide to follow
Whose know?
They decide to have lunch and watch movie at there
What an enjoyable planning har?

My favorite one!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!! So we went Pizza Hut for our lunch
The food and drink as usual….nice!
And we captured a lot ‘FOOD’ photo…lame right?
I don’t know why I am so clumsy today; I keep on dropping thing today
I am so……embarrassed...Sorry to embarrassed you guys

Then follow them to PC fair
I had successfully bought my laptop case
I am extremely happy because it was so cheap!!
It only cost for RM18!!!
Damn happy today!!

We are late!!!
We rush to the cinema to watch 新宿事件
The movie was extremely scary and pity
The story is talking about how the Chinese survive in the 90th
I feel so pity after I had watched the movie
Jackie chan was extremely pity in this movie
He help his ‘brothers’ but at last the ‘brothers’ are so cruel and bad…
My sister said that this story tell us not to help anyone if they are suffered
Because you will get nothing in the end *laughing*
So funny!!!
After we had finish watched the movie
We went for BIG APPLE
Their donuts were extremely sweet!!!
But nice to eat la actually
You can have a try if you haven’t tried it!!
You will not regret after eating it
wow....hard to make decision la!!!
too many choices for me!!
what should i order?
help me!!
can I order all of that?
the answer is NO because nowadays I have financial problem!!! *crying* :( At last i had made my decision to choose the chocoreo....
the taste i like it so much!!
I had made a good decision...happy!!

Before we went back
something had attracted me
Guess what?

It is a BM sport!!
I am wondering who is the owner?
a guy or women?

I am so……lucky to see this in the middle of road
Extremely happy!!
So we can’t lose any chances to take photo with “HIM”
As a result we had captured a photo with “HIM”
And it is so cool!!
I hope that one day I will own it!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


被吓着的是我的小狗狗, NICKY boy




Wednesday, April 15, 2009

noisy fire crackers~~~~

That means today is Melaka Historical Day
They were celebrating this day around Jusco there
I am so mad of it!!
Because I am sleeping just now, suddenly I heard something boom-ing
So I quickly wake up and see what had happened
Whose know it is just firecracker all around the sky!!!
And this had interrupted my sweet dream you know?
If I am not mistaken
It’s take around fifth minutes to finish up all the firecrackers
Wasting our money to buy this kind of thing to celebrate this day
This is an awful planning and I hope it is the last one
Because it is interrupting my sleeping time!!!!
Although I am not the kind of people who sleep early
But it is very noisy and annoying!!!!
And it also scares my little doggie
He keep barking on it
He is scares
As what my sister had wrote in her personal message
He is truly a poor little thing

That's all I want to complain about it

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King!!! love it so much!!

Hey hey hey!!!
I am coming back again to post something new!!!
I am super happy today
And this is the first time too
Guess what?
SEE!! how many people are waiting for the places to enjoy their sushi, we also waited for half and hour you know?

This is the very first time I went sushi king with my friends
Oh!! That was super happy because sushi king had a PRoMoTion today!!!
Each plate worth RM 2 only!!
yeah!! You eyes have not problem it is really cost RM2 only!!
Wows…cool man I love this kind of promotion
We ate quite a lot and some of them had pay by my friend’s boyfriend
Woo….we are so lucky!!! Haha….joke la
I feel bad actually because we had eaten those too
Anyway thank you!!!
We captured many photo at there
And it is so embarrassing you know?
It is because when I captured four of us by my own, the outsider laughed at us and one of those was my friend
It is so embarrassing!!!
Never mind!! Next time I will be more careful when doing this kind of thing (so that nobody seeing us)
And now let’s enjoy the photo that we had captured!!!

some funny people put the cover on top of funny busy everyone and yet i keep on captured photo!!! XD

This is what we had right?

I am promoting the green tea of sushi king!!! the green tea quite nice.

Lien fang and big head promoting their tea too...

3 of us and yet i still promoting their tea!! hehe...

We are trying to captured our photo without any help of others
This is what we had captured!!!!

First take- totally fail !!! where is my face?? FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!
Never mind we can try again
Then we try again....

oh yeah!!! success!!! but my face quite weird at this photo...
NEVERMIND!!! at least four of us in this photo...
so I can said in one word.......SUCCESS!!!

P/S: Tomorrow is Melaka Historical Day, so tomorrow is our holiday!!! I am totally happy and relax!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Waiting + Happy + Relax :p

I am waiting now!!
Waiting for the end of business project
I really feel tired to do this project anymore…
But today was quite different from last few days anyway
We truly relax today
We had our lunch at IXORA and hanging around until 2.00pm
Went to accounting class at 2pm
Finish class….we went home as usual
That all we had done today
Oh! And I just went for the stupid CLS general meeting
We went there for nothing
Just wasting our time listening to some stupid thing such as who will become the next president
OMG!! Truly wasting our time and why I am so stupid to go for that meeting?
I don’t really know what I am doing actually

Oh yeah!!
I am totally happy today
I found my calculator and accounting book at my friend’s house
Oh thank GOD…orz
I feel so happy after I found my things
But the sad thing is I lost my liquid cover at somewhere else
I am so clumsy these days
Don’t know what happened to me
Always lost my thing at somewhere else
But lucky I had found my calculator and accounting book already!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hand drawing picture from my friend :)

Let me show you guys a drawing of my friend

This is what he had drawn for me...
He had drawn many picture for my friends too

This is the real picture of us...

Thank you Arsen for the picture ya!! :)

Random post :)

It’s been so long to updates my blog…
This is because of my business project that driving my crazy these day
I hate that project a lot
It’s gave us a lot of trouble
But somehow it also let us knows what are the personality of a person and the character of some people…
I really enjoy the happiness and sadness of this project with those who are helping in this project…
I have many first times in this project, for example cooking with friends, shop in Tesco, doing some stupid stuff, and many more…
I will appreciate what we had done last weeks
And we have one more week to go…
I hate this project!!!
Why should we have this project anyway?
I always asked this stupid question in my mind
Why don’t we take midterm exam?
There are many ‘why’ in my mind now…
Feel tired to do this project
Because of this stupid project I always go home late
and scolded by some stupid people
But anyway we left one week to go…
Gambateh my team!!!
We can do it!!!

wow...this is what we cook at my friend's house..LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

we are the chef!!! yeah!! haha....

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Jams all over the places......

Reborn is just similar to a day after raining!!!

Raining will made some people feel moody and irritating such as businessman will not be able to do their business if there is a raining day and traffic jams will all over the places. These will make some of them feel irritating, but for me it depends on what situation. If there is a jam all over the places I would like to say I am so so miserable because if I am late for something and yet there is a jam all over the places it really will drive me crazy. But if I’m asleep in my lovely bedroom, I am totally in heaven man. It is so comfortable and cooling, I like it so much!!!

After raining had gone, people will feel like they are reborn with happiness such as businessman will be happily doing their business and there will be no jams anywhere. Happy? Yes!!…I agree with that, because they will be able to earn more profit and many people will go out if there is no rain. Am I right? Or am I wrong? For me, I am totally agree with this because if I am going out and yet there is a raining day I would to say sorry to the shopping centre because I rather stay at home watching tv than going out in a raining day.

And and and!! Rainbow………will come out after that~~~
It is a sign of happiness after raining…. Hurray!!!
But until now I haven’t see a full rainbow after raining...Quite sad…hehe…

Friday, April 3, 2009

One thing that had SCARE me!!!

Today I have my moral class at somewhere in school…..
While listening to the presenter to present their stuff, I keep on doing my stuff at the back of the class (I am too lazy to listen to the presentation….hehe)
Suddenly, a phone call from one of my friend…
He said that many guard had surrounded my car to decide whether want to charge me or not
I was totally shock when he said my car will be lock by the guard…
So I quickly sms my sister to see whether the guard got lock that car or not…
Worrying…..not concentrate……and some more keep on sms to my sis
This case truly scares me, you know why?
Because if we need to unlock that car, many procedure need to be done
And money will go by the wind!!!
Lucky…..our car was not blocking others, so the guard had left without charging us…..
I need to thank to my friend who inform me on the spot…
Thank ya!!!

I need to say good bye already!!!
Good night!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miserable Day

I had a miserable day today
I woke up at 5 something in the morning, and had some cleaning process
My mom had fetched me to my friend’s house at 6.30am
I had waited them for 3 minutes and prepared to go in the hostel
Unfortunely, visitors can only go in at 10 in the morning
And the guard keeps on showing the marks had written in the billboard...damn irritating!!!
The attitude of the guard was totally bad!!!
I am miserable because of her attitude!!

So as to spent our meaningless morning, we went to a coffee shop to do some stuff
And I had ordered a cup of Milo and “roti tissue” as my breakfast…
While waiting for the foods to come, we spent our time to do some project stuff.
Time passes, we had finished up all the food that we had order and we quickly went to the accounting class (the most miserable class) for lecture.
When we had some break time, some of my members started to sell the product such as hot dog bread and sandwiches.
Many of them had supported us, and I would like to thank to you guys!!!
I am miserable because…….
We are so tired to do this product and yet some stupid fellow had just critic us by saying some stupid line.
I think the way that person act was like a immature baby saying some immature thing,
And that person was brainless; he/she didn’t care of our feeling when he/she had say that kind of things.
I would like to say I am not critic you, but you attitude truly like an immature fellow, and you didn’t think before you talk…and please do not do that again...If not you will not be able to grown up!!!
I didn’t say that our foods are delicious, but at least we try our best!!
Why should you critic us by saying that kind of word?
I know your group is the best, your products are the best la but your acting was the worst ever!!!

Forget what I had written just now and continue my post ……
Okay now continue my topic…
After accounting class we had try to promote our goods but many times we had fail to promote it…
Why nobody in school one??
Today our school was extremely quiet and nobody was there
How are we gonna promote our goods??
I really want to have booth so that we didn’t need to walk people by people, block by block!!!
Why lecture didn’t want us to have our own booth?
Really tiring!!!
After school, the first thing we had done is to have a discussion with our group members,
Second we went to hypermarket to get some stuff….
This is the very first time I went hypermarket with friends because usually we went there with our parent’s right?
Have fun and tired too…
Went back to hostel to have our dinner…
Do some stuff and chit chatting
And we are so miserable today…
I want to keep as secret!!!
Sorry ya!!
11.30pm I had finally came back to my lovely house
I took a bath
And started to do my math (I am copying actually….hehe..)

And NOW!!!
I am going to sleep!!!
The whole day busy walking, promoting, selling and preparing stuff…
Truly tired!!!
Good night :p