Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holiday mood on!

My holiday mood on!!!!!!!!

I'll be going Sabah in two days time, and I yet to pack anything in my bag! Always last minute packing make me feel good. MUAHAHA!

Well, I'll go to Tawau for first 3 days, then flight to Kota Kinabalu for another 3 days, journey will end next week. Sound so fast!

Anyway, last tomo trip before we step in to working life, and hope that Mabul Island has good weather. Wish me luck!!

When in Korea: Nami Island

I'm back here to continue a proper Korea trip blog post.

After part 1, part 2 and part 3, we went Nami Island. Basically Nami Island is where a Korea drama "Winter Sonata" filmed at. 
The scene where Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo are hugging each other in Nami Island. However, we went there in beginning of Autumn, the scenery was not as beautiful as what we watched in the drama.

 The map of Nami Island!

 Family photo taken by our tour guide! The scene where "Winter Sonata" filmed at.

Beautiful maple leaf on the tree, and I took some back for Tomo.

 Nice compressed glass bottle on the glass wall.

Reflection from Nami Island mirror, and spot the little girl looking at me. I bet she is thinking what I'm doing. Madly cute.

The red bean bun stall, and look at what they used to heat up the bun!! It's so traditional, I heart!

And the bun is right inside the wooden wok, and the taste is so delicious. Not so sweet and the red bean is so delicious.

I was really enjoying the bun with three of them and I almost finish eating without sharing, coz it is really delicious. Both of them love the bun as well, and asking for more.

Another Winter Sonata scene

 The herb house. They sell lots of herb products.

Pottery in Nami Island. We may learn this at there, but due to time consuming, we decided not to try on. Sorry pottery!

 The famous breast feed mother in Nami Island. Everyone is capturing the photo of it, including me!

 Beautiful scenery in Nami Island.

Photo of Winter Sonata. This drama makes the place so famous until we need to wait for every photo session. =.=lll

Another famous scenery is their ginkgo tree. It turned yellowish in the middle of Autumn, and another sadness for that trip. I promised i'll go there again someday!!!!!!!!

 The model squirrel. It will stay still whenever we captured it's photo. Madly cute.

 Jun Jie, the model squirrel and I. Mad cute!

The photo is showing how beautiful the place is whenever it is in the middle of Autumn and winter time. How sad! T_____T

 They make this rubbish bin using the recycled aluminium cans!

Another scene of Winter Sonata where both of them kissing each other (the arrow). I love Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo but I've no chance to snap the photo with their statue because we are running out of time T_________T Another sad case in Nami Island. And people keep rushing to snap photo with them!!!!

 Taken by my uncle

 Another photo with a stone! I bet there is a meaning of it.

The wishing tree! I wanted to write something on that tree, but ferry has arrived! 3rd sad case in Nami Island! However, I really have fun at Nami Island as we were walking and eating ice-cream and buns around the place. And I've picked some maple leaf too! So happy to give Tomo a nice souvenir. 

Well, that's the end of my trip to Nami Island. In my opinion, I think it is worth to go in the middle of Autumn  or winter because you got to see nicer scenery and the drama was filmed in Winter time.

Anyway, it is still a nice trip for me. Teehee! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

After MIA for such a long time, I finally have the chance to update again. I’m having exam last couple of weeks, and today was the last day of my exam (the exam was…. Don’t ask!), anyway, I’m here to share of the photo my friend captured during our last day in school before exam (probably week 13 for our semester).

Here you go….

We went to Sea Ferrer for last gathering before all of them go for intership or practical training to be exact, and no emotional feeling that night because we were so tired that night. Having presentation before gathering was not a good idea, coz you will always “day-dreaming” whenever people are talking to you. Whatsoever!

 To be honest, I thought my friend was playing around with me in this shot, but then is really a nice photo anyway!

Then this uncle Yong came and joined with me!!

Camwhoring with DSLR always the best coz everyone is blur out and you are the only one clearly captured!! HAHAHAHA!!!

 Again! I can be the main focus!! *evil laugh*

The always-together-four-coursemate, me, Yong & Siang Ming (the sweetest couple which I mentioned before) and Shin!! I always hang out with Shin in school since both of us same class for more than 4 years, great assignment team HAHAHA! *thick face*

The only group photo I received via Facebook, and this is where we have our dinner, Sea Ferrer, great environment for gathering I must say!

PS: Not much photo i received from my friend.

Continued with the day we took our pre-graduate photo in MMU. Jennifer had set an event, and stated that everyone need to be in different colour. Thus, I quickly choose momi all-time-favourite colour - RED!! Momi always love red, and she told me that red indicate ang ang buay hai lang (red wouldn't harm others), whatsoever! 

Anyway, this is our pre-graduate photo

captured at our MMU main door, and do you realize that all of them were actually duplicating the colour such as Rebecca was wearing the same colour with me, and Jennifer and Shinyi in same colour too! However, it turns out quite colourful! I likey.

Capturing at Aiti Hasmah Digital library main door. To be honest, I don't always visit the library since I can study at home alone! I hate studying with bunch of people. 

Then guess who we met in the middle of shooting?

The brothers! 

The st. davidian meeting at MMU Siti Hasmah Digital Library! And so coincident that they both wearing the theme colour! 

and met Jia Wei while we were shooting in President Square (no photo yet). He was like Hey! What you girl doing here? Last day in MMU?? No final exam?? 

You asked way too much! HAHAHA! We were like emmmm! Nolah! This is just before we go for final exam.

So happy that day, we met lots of people in the middle of shooting, and we met Andrew too, but no one is asking him to shoot with us. Too bad! HAHAHA!

Anyway, this is just a short update. Will update more!

Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese in the whole world!!!!!!!!

PS: I'm going to help momi to fry prawn tomorrow for reunion dinner. *nervous* and good night!