Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nice gathering!

I had just finish blowing my Nicky boy hair, and now I am going to blog about the last night gathering.

We had steamboat gathering yesterday at Kai Loon’s house. First time having steamboat with friends, this is kind of weird actually, simply because steamboat is usually for family gathering and not friend. Am I right?

The ingredient!! Thank to Jennifer's mom who cook the delicious soup. It is simple and delicious..Love it!! Thank you....
The ingredients simply look like "satay celup" ingredients right?

Everyone ready?

Then GO.....
Eh! Guys!! Don't rush please. Everyone are getting their food later la wey, so don't rush!!! *laughing*
The EMO girls...
They are so emo yesterday...
Photo, photo, photo...
This is the only photo we captured..rather sad!

Yesterday was a boring gathering actually, I mean after steamboat. Everyone was like doing their own stuff. Some of us were like looking at the “guitarist” playing song, and the rest were playing card for earning money. *swt*
The "guitarists" was playing song for us. Rather noisy...

Now goes to the gamble kaki, they are damn funny and noisy. Because some was like yeah I am the winner….some was like OMG!! Where my luck! Thus noisy mode was on!

After the last game for the gamble kaki, it came to the end of our gathering, everyone was busy packing their stuff and ready to go home, included me!
Although yesterday was a boring gathering, but I really have fun with them. *yeepee*!
PS: I am not going to Sakura House on sunday, rather sad!!! *sigh*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sakura House again =.=lll

This is the third time I went Sakura House with friends. Okay, I know it is too much, but who cares? I just like to go there for Japanese food. It is super duper worth!!

You guys must go once! Trust me!

So today we went there for our brunch, it is super cheap for us. It only cost about RM11 per persons, cheap right? We really enjoy a lot at there. Today's set. We had ordered Fried pork set, Tempura set and the rest. (sorry! I had forgotten the name..)
Our side dishes. I love all of is so nice and cheap!! ^^

After the food had arrived, let's start our hand!! Oh yeah!
Everybody is busying with their food and yet I still capturing photo. *swt*
Hey girls, wait for me!! Don't start so fast!!

Playing with the chops stick!! Many pose right?? Lydia creation. *laughing*
Sampated with Ms. Yin Kun. Miss her so much...friend forever...
Ms. yinkun "baby". *laughing* This is what she had hanged on her phone. Rather big la wey!

After our food, we had some random photo. Enjoy!
First take- Xinyi became the holder, good job!! Love this photo so much, everyone is pretty! *yeepee*
Second take- I am the who is a holder of the photo. Ms. Cia sin very cute, and my face is freaking big la wey..*sigh* (Have pimple somemore *swt*

Everything is empty!!! GOOD *thumb up*

While sitting in the car, I keep capturing the photo of them and camwhore. TADA!!! Our Ms. Yinkun looks so emo and I am in the good mode. I am wondering what she actually thinking har? Maybe Boyfriend!! *laughing*

PS: I will go sakura house again this sunday...*maybe*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Result out =[

Today my result is out, and I am rather sad of it.

My result had slightly dropped; I hope to have a high CGPA the next time.

Today is a short post, because don’t know what to write about..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My second day of school...=[

The second day of my school was boring and sleepy. However, our lecturer was quite good in teaching. *clap clap*

Although today lecture was boring, but I still I prefer Quantity Analysis lecturer than the Cyberpreneurship lecturer. Our Cyberpreneurship lecturer was damn noisy and I don’t even pay attention to her lecturer, I mean all of us…

Why I am so sleepy today?
This is due to the early waked up. In the morning, mom suddenly waked me up and asks me to fetch her to work. I am totally in a sleeping mode, I can tell you. After sending my mom to work, my sleeping day was end. *sob*

So, I on my laptop and started to watch drama. Nowadays I was watching an old drama 命中注定我爱你. I knew it is very old drama, but I just addicted to it, and I don’t know why? It is a good drama yet a pity one. Rather sad to watch it.

After a short chapter I had watched, I went to fetch my sis. I am the driver today, keep driving there and then, rather tired of it. About 12.30pm, I went MCD to have my lunch with Jennifer. Why choose MCD again? This is because Jennifer was craving for the free cup for a long long time. Am I right? Jennifer

Later that, we straight away went to our class. As I had mentioned just now, the class was totally boring and sleepy.

After my class, thank GOD!!

I straight away jump in my bed and have a long nap for a day. =]

This is my day for today….
Rather boring right?

Monday, October 26, 2009


Bad mood after a big incident happened!
It is not serious actually, but it just makes me burst out like that.

I mad of people, who don’t like to join each other friend,
I mad of people, who like to comment about others,
I mad of people, who always like to control others,
I mad of people, who don’t respect others,
I mad of people, who always think they are great,
I mad of people, who always said others bad things,
I mad of people, who don’t even know me and yet talk about me
I mad of people, who always think they are elder than others,
I mad of people, who always look down on others,
I mad of people, who do bad to others….
I mad of people, who don't care others feeling,
I even mad of people, who are damn freaking fake!!!

I hate them a lot, and yet people who act like this always think that they are the smartest in the world.
Oh come on la wey!!
You think you are very smart is it?
In my mind you are nothing I can tell you!
So please don’t act like you are smart.

Why did those people always think they are the smartest?
They somehow look stupid in their word, and yet they are proud of it
OMG!! Stupid like hell...
I really don’t like them a lot...

Thank GOD, I didn’t have this kind of friends.
If yes, then my life will be miserable….
Thank GOD *sincerely*

Agree with me, people?

*This post is not for my friends, is for those who are damn bull shit about themselve*

PS: I am so happy after blogging!!!

Thank Miki.....

First of all, I would to thank Ms. Miki for this present.
(Opps, too formal..*evil laugh*)
I love it so much…seriously…

What she had actually brought back from Taiwan to me?

Let’s guess people!!










That's right!

It is so beautiful....

However, my sis said not suitable for me...rather sad!! =[
Does it sui me?
Thank you Ms. Miki again, I will appreciate it...*kiss*

PS: Don't be jealous, sis. It is so sui me!!

PS: Just ate BabaNyonya Popiah just now...I'm loving it (MCD slogan again..*swt*)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am reading comic to let my body relax and fall asleep,
But it has an opposite effect,
I am having insomnia right now,
I mean RIGHT NOW!!!!

I can’t fall asleep
What happened to me?
Is the green tea that I had drank just now,
Or the chocolate that make me hyper?
I really don’t know…

Gosh! Just let me sleep awhile….
I am so tired and yet can’t fall asleep…
Hate insomnia!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am sorry orz

My friend had just told me that, the video that I had uploaded this evening is a fake story.

It is not a real story as what I had told you guys.

This video ever posted in the newspapers, and this newspaper had said that this video story is fake one.

Thus, do not blame me for giving wrong information.

It is not my fault!!!

But I’m here to apologize!!


感人MV =[

(Please prepare your own tissue paper, when you are wathcing this music video)

A real story =[

一位已经死去的17岁少女的刻骨铭心的爱情创作 - 最后一次


Two is better than one- Boys like Girls

Two Is Better Than One
Boys like Girls (Feat. Taylor Swift)

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought hey
You know this could be something

'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true,
That I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time,
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two,
Is better than one

I remember every look upon your face,
The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
And finally now, we're leaving

And maybe it's true,
That I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time,
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two,
Is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought "hey"

Maybe it's true,
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time,
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking
Oooh I can't live without you
'Cause baby two is better than one
There's so much time,
To figure out the rest of my life
And I've figured out with all that's said and done
Two, is better than one

Two is better than one

Click here to listen..(The sound system was bad, hope don't mind)

PS: Nowadays I had addicted this song so much. I totally in love with Boys like Girls...They are so handsome!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vicky's birthday celebration..

Four of us...The birthday girl is the one who cover her face...*swt*

Yesterday, we had celebrated our lovely Vicky’s birthday at Sakura house, and it is not the Sakura pink pub, of course. I didn’t been to Sakura pink also. Sakura house is a Japanese restaurant which located at Desa Duyong. Hmm, may I say it is a restaurant? It is a house, indeed. =. =lll Okay then I should say it is a Japanese restaurant house. This way looks reasonable, right?

Well, yesterday was not Vicky’s birthday. Her birthday is on Saturday and we had celebrated earlier, hope you don’t mind Vicky.

About 7pm, Vicky fetched Chia Shin and me to meet Jennifer at Desa Duyong. Vicky was late actually, but since she is the main point, we just forgive her. What a good friends we are right? Vicky. (I think my face is getting thicker and thicker…*evil laugh*)

The place was rather good and it has air-conditioned! At first I thought it just a normal house with table and chair, but I am totally wrong! This is because the decoration was totally lovely, Japanese style, love it! The food was delicious and beautiful, gorgeous. *thumb up*. I am totally in love with their Tempora and black sesame ice-cream so much. They taste heavenly. Besides that, the set was also delicious. Oh yeah! Not to forget the Baby Octopus, my favorite! Their baby octopus was no longer baby anymore; it is so big and nice. I had captured a lots of food photo…enjoy it.

The side dishes. Black sesame ice-cream, baby octopus, tempura, shisamo and crab meat sushi roll. Nice!
The sets. Most of them are fry but nice too...I love my fish set. (sorry, I had forgotten the name)
Before eating our set dinner, we must drink a cup of green tea first. Yum Yum!

Okay, I know my expression is too over, but I really waited the set for so long.
Yeah! Best friend ever. Vicky, Jennifer, Chia Shin and Me!!!

After all the food had been served, it’s our time to celebrate Vicky’s birthday. We took out the cake which Chia shin and I had bought in secret recipe. At first, we asked her to choose which cake to blow first and she had chosen what I had chosen. It is a tiramisu, and second is chocolate indulgence, last is the hazel cheese. After all of that, we sing birthday song softly, and blow cake…as usual what we will do when we are having birthday. Happy birthday to you! (Althought yesterday was not you birthday), wishing, blowing cake and these photo...The cakes look good. *thumb up*
BUT as you as you had eaten the cake, it looks......












Look disgusting....Yucksssss....At last we throw it away…

Capturing photo with the birthday girl..Happy birthday again~

While eating the three disgusting cake, we were plan to play at Dataran Pahlawan’s field with “tons” of balloon. Before going to the field, we stop by and bought 10 colourful balloons. Later that, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan’s field to have game!!! Hurray, I went there again.

Starting from blowing, drawing, playing and capturing….
I really feel that I am old now, I am totally so tired to play with balloon yesterday. Those balloons are just like our children, keep fly there and then and we just their mommy keeps hold them tightly. OMG!! The wing was strong yesterday, but it doesn’t make us give up our game. I am so happy…….
Playing with the balloon which drawn by Vicky and Jennifer. It is so cute and lovely..
Blowing the balloon just to do the word "HAPI BDAY". Balloon celebration for our lovely vicky. Do you like it?Preparing some meaningful line on the balloon...See! our Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Vicky are so concentrate while Chia Shin and I playing the balloon..Good Job!

Capturing photo with "tons" of balloon...Look colourful right? Love balloons!

All right! It's done! Many meaningful words appeared....THE END?? WTH? Going to end our celebration, Oh NO....I don't want...*sob* We went back home at 11pm..rather late right? *evil laugh*

Never mind, next time when someone birthday, let's celebrate again!! ok?

*Those balloons are now belong to our lovely Vicky.*

Jennifer and I had took one. Purple balloon belong to Jennifer and red belong to ME~
RED BALLOON: I am so lonely now...please combine me with others together the next time...*crying*

PS: Happy Fowarded birthday to Vicky and may your dream come true.....and this is the very first time I went out with Chia Shin until so late...


Thursday, October 22, 2009

PM1516 gathering~♥

Yesterday was our PM1516 gathering, although there are just five of us, but somehow I really feel that we are 13 of us. I miss them a lot, miss the entire thing we had done when we are in the foundation, singing, chit-chatting and also our lunch time as I mentioned quite a lot in the past post. It is simple but fun and meaningful for us. Okay. Let’s start our gathering now. Yesterday was special, because my sis followed me to gather with my PM1516, and be my bodyguard. *laughing*

The purpose of having this gathering is that our PM1516 leader had came back to Malacca for a visit. (This is what he called himself-PM1516 leader). We went WING yesterday and this is my very first time went there, and surprisingly nobody was there. Are we weirdo? Or the place has no business at all? *laughing* nope! This is simply because yesterday was WEDNESDAY, as a result NOBODY in this place.
As usual, we ordered some food and drinks; I had ordered the “tea flavor” mango milk ice blended. When drinking this drink, it just appeared some “TEH TARIK” flavor, it totally weird!!!
While drinking my mango milk ice blended, we talk, teased around and also captured photo. *laughing*
It is so fun to capture some “sampated” photo with Ms. Aiko, I miss the moment when we at foundation, and Ms. Shinyi of course.
Ban "paparazzi"....If you keep capture my photo, you will get a punch. *laughing*
Thus, do not capture my shity photo, please..*warning*
My new nail polish colour...Opps, I think it is too light...*shy*

Oh yeah! I wanted to introduce my new found “bro” who is same age as me *weird*, Mr. Koo. Is he looking alike with me and my sis? Erm… I don’t think so guys. One "family"?????
Look alike?
I really don't get it? We are trying to pose as what the poster did, but obviously we are fail.
It is because they are too pretty and we are not except our Ms. Aiko. (Don't be shy when I am saying you pretty, Aiko)
Captured photo with a tree??
We seems like we are enjoying captured photo with the tree. Freaking funny with it…
we keep posing, posing and posing, we wouldn't tired one....

Our second destination is Dataran Pahlawan’s field; we went there to capture lots of “sampated” photo as a remembrance. This place is a memorable place for me, because I had been there before with my secondary friends, simply fun. Now, is turn to go with my PM1516, we really had done many sampated pose. Below is our sampated photo. Let’s enjoy it.
"Thousand hand guan ying"-千手观音... The very first person will always our Mr. Teh aka Tea Boh...
This is my favourite ever..........
Everyone ready?
1, 2, ..............................3 RUN!!!!

L.O.V.E ♥
DOne by Pm1516 fellows....
The rest we trying to act...Love Love and Love....
I love the word we had done, simple and nice...Love it ♥
We are the PM1516 gang ever....Love the T-shirt so much. It look so "saky" when it is in line...
Did it remind you something? Did it?
Yeah! It is from the drama “流星花园" (Meteor Garden)
However, we are PM1516 Garden...*swt*
I know it is lame, just ignore what I had said.

This is so called 回眸一笑 ( It means turn and laugh....bad expaination! *swt*)
However, what you had done Ms. Aiko? Probably is a GHOST!!! ♥

Hey, this two girls are so naughty...They keep "peace-ing" when I am taking the photo of them.
Please do not peace again the next photo.....
Good *thumb up*
But why there is a weirdo inside the photo???
*evil laugh* That is my sistar. She is not our PM1516 Gang, so she does not has our PM 1516 T-shirt, of course....

Let's me show you guy how to be GAY and LEsbian...*laughing*
enjoy it~(If something that make you vomit, please do not.....complain...)Tada~~ It is our PM1516 leader and Mr. Koo.

They were talking sweetly, however, they got shock when we trying to capture their photo.
I am a good story maker right?
Call me Ms. story maker, or good paparazzi...

And now is the Lesbian. Kissing to each other lovely...♥
1st try, 2nd try and third try......
All of this is just a fake posing...
Now I realize how a paparazzi did when they are trying to capture the photo of idol....
It is just so fun to play with...

PS: All of this is just posing ok? Don't misunderstanding, please. I like boy not girl.....

About 10.30pm, it time for us to end our gathering, simply because We are girl and we need to go bacj early...sorry ya, Mr. Koo and Mr. Teh aka Tea Boh...(still trying to tease you although I going to end my post...)

While waiting for Shinyi and Koo, three of us (Teh, Aiko and me) are playing some game.
Aiko and me are playing with the rubber, while Teh is trying to act EMO guy....really have fun yesterday...
This is how we are playing with the rubber band...
Made kinds of "pattern"..

PS: I'm going to hit by Sandra I think....*evil laugh*

PSS: I am so happy to meet you guys again, it reminds me many memory with you guys....Hope to go out with you guys next time, and please come back and visit us again, TEH!!