Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy and Tiring Birthday celebration for Feb babies!

 It’s going to be a February baby’s birthday celebration post!

I‘d done many monthly baby’s birthday every year, and let’s start with our February baby’s birthday first! The birthday celebration will be done in T-bowl Restaurant, which is a toilet concept restaurant (newly open in Melaka Raya).

We’d our lunch or brunch (ok, it’s for me, I ate a slice of bread before headed to this celebration) before the celebration begin, and we aren’t telling them about the celebration (some sort like surprise birthday celebration).
I've order the so called VERY SPICY seafood tom yam mee. It's isn't that spicy actually, and my friend rated it's spiciness 8/10! WHAT!? I think is too exaggerated, and I just rated it 5/10. That's means I'm a great spicy eater. lol..

The mee was kinda chewy, the soup was not-quite-spicy and the seafood was fresh! *thumb up*
The soup was yummy! 

 The guy toilet bowl drink-honey lemon ice! Love it

I've started my tom yam mee half way on, then suddenly they said I didn't wait for Jennifer who ordered a KIDS MEAL (yea, it's kids meal, coz she didn't like spicy food =___=), so I stopped and took a photo of it to prove I WAIT for her after they had said it!

 Jennifer with her KIDS MEAL set! Spaghetti with freaking normal tomatoes sause! It's kind of cheating actually! And the sause can't mixed well with the pasta, how bad is that!

While we waiting for our desserts (sort of!), Jennifer sneaked to their kitchen, and asked for the birthday cake! Ha! It's surprise birthday as I said! However, it wasn't a surprise birthday in the end, coz their worker was freaking nerd (They absolutely freak me out), they brought the cake out without open it well and light up the candle. =_________=

 The cake arrived (we open the cake box and light up the candle in the end), and birthday celebration began! It was pretty funny thought it wasn't surprise anymore!

Both of them was like in love in this photo (as what I requested for). They were so damn cute and funny anyway.

The cake was normal, nothing to be describe as  I always eat it when comes to birthday celebration. It's just a snapshot to prove my shooting skill (no big deal).

Camwhore while waiting for the desserts (now we wait for the dessert-shitty ice-cream. yeah!)

The SHITTY ICE-CREAM in T-bowl Restaurant! I don't like it anyway, coz the taste was kind of strange, and the kiwi was so damn sour!

But I still love to take a photo with it! Cute ice-cream indeed!

And more photo with it!

After this, we headed to KTV (since when the last I went to KTV, I'm wondering!?) to continue the celebration!
 KTV with guys was the BIG No No.. coz they neither sing nor dance. They were just shouting and throwing the snack all over the space! Hey, you guys should be send to Afrika or somewhere else which is poor to suffer!

The 2 freak out people, but it's fun to look at them making funny stuff especially Wang- the joker!

They hug, they kick, they fight, they bully, they throw, they shout and also they "kiss" each other! O.M.Gosh! That's was ridiculous!

3rd station is Dynasty (yea, we went there again and again)
 I order a cup of Tong Shui (I'm trying to be heathier, as I wouldn't order any Tong Shui since the day I step in this shop)

It is kinda too sweet for me! I still love my mom creation.

The celebration end with laughter, and it's damn tiring. When I went back home, I straight away headed to my bed and have a nice sleep after that! *yawn many times in the middle of writing*

P.S: I yawned many times since the 1st line I type, so it's time for me to have a nice sleep.

Au revoir!

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