Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March 2010! *woo*

Today is the end of March and my midterm exam is over. *hurray* however, final is around the corner, it drag my mood to hell.

I’ve nothing to blog actually; I think I may write about my random life today. All I had done today was study, classes, study and study, nothing much I can do for today, coz I’m having an exam which is the last paper for midterm today.

Oh yeah! Today is my first day take care of the booth which is accounting club booth for some event, you may join this event if you want, visit us at CLC Concourse, MMU. It is so damn boring but what I've done was STUDY, as I said, my life is full of Macroeconomics theory today, Hate it!! However, this paper has ended, happy!

Ok, I really have nothing to share with you people, so, I will post the ANNOYING ORANGE Part2 for you guys! There are many versions actually, but I will just upload one.

Fine!! I can’t find any funny part of annoying orange video! I’m giving up!!

So I think that all I can update my blog.

Ok lah!! I upload an ugly photo of four ladies! Don’t laugh after seeing it, promise?

well, is 2 ugly face ladies with fool public ladies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Earth Hour

As you people know that 27 March 2010 was Earth hour, so we, the besties support this event as one of our outing. About 8.25pm, 4 of us (Shi Ting, Jennifer, Su Ann and me) meet together at my house and we started to support the event by switching off the light. FYI, Kenneth has come late as usual. As you can see, we were super duper supporting this event (Earth Hour) including the neighbours. This can proved that we love Earth so much...

We supported Earth Hour!! It is kind of blury coz no light is available, except the street light.
This event was end at 9.30pm. After this event, we went Jonker to have the most “special” Perfect Ice ever.
They still having some discussion about where we going to.
The reason why I wrote “special” is because when Kenneth told me about this drink, he was like very excited to drink as if it is super duper nice, delicious and marvelous. But then after we came to know this drink, it is kind of disappointed, simply because it is a drink we usually drink at MMU. *rolling eyes*
NAH!! This is the "special" drink. It isn't bad in taste for sure, but then this drink is super normal for me. I'm really disappointing.
I thought it is a bowl of ice blended with cute fruity on top of it,(This is what I had imagine for sure) and kind of excited because I can captured the photo of it and post it in my blog. It really disappoint me. **sob**
First round end and second start.
As you know, one round outing is totally not enough for us!
So, we went the place we usually will go, that is, Limbongan.
Before we came out from the car, we have some photo in my car. Focus on Kenneth please! He is kind of funny with my mom sun glasses and super weird when somebody wear sun glasses in the night time. He said the purpose of wearing this sun glasses to protect his eyes from flash light. WAHAHAHA... *funny*
My blur face.

My after-eating otak! I just ate one and Shi ting has none of it coz Kenneth has ate finish all.

We were chatting and laughing all the time as usual, and it is kind of long for us to meet each other.
Photo: The couple of the day AS USUAL.......
Take 1: without sun glasses.

Take 2: with sun glasses.

Which one is nicer??? Choose only one~!!

This is so nice to hang around with them, when will be our next time?? Next week?? Next month?? Next year?? **sigh**
I hope our Penang trip was successfully plan!! PENANG TRIP, I'm coming....
PS: Happy to support Earth Hour today..
PPS: an incident happened when I wanted to open my car door; my car key was lost just in a second. I was so freaking worried about my car key and keep checking Su Ann’s bag (coz I put in her bag) for 10 times, but I couldn’t find it. At first I thought it is a joke, but my friends seem very worried too, so I started to panic and find for it as many times as possible. While I'm finding for my car key, my car lock sound appeared, and all of them were laughing madly. This is a joke!! WTH??

Somebody had hid my car key for a long time and yet still acting nervous, what a funny joke they had made. WAHAHA….Next time I should be more careful for my car key, if not this incident will be happen again. But anyway, this is a fun joke and new lesson for me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Please support Earth Hour on 27 of March, (Saturday) 8.30pm-9.30pm
It is to save The Earth!!
Power down on the Earth hours! No light please!!
Support it people!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Memories!!

Just a short post for this picture coz I'm rushing for class.Well, I have a suck drawing skill, so please do not comment it.

This is a picture of my friend, Yun Chee a.k.a BIG head. The purpose of drawing this picture is because I'm way too boring in the class and as you can see, it is on 13/4/2009. It means it is one year ago, and yet Yun Chee still keep it, it is so touching.
Thank Yun Chee for keeping the photo of this picture!! *touch*
PS: I'm rushing for class as I said, bye!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

This is the post to show how I love them and thing that I love around me!

In my entire life, I have never ever told others how I love them, how lucky I was in part of their life and how lovely they are. Even I seldom say “I LOVE YOU” to my family. I might think it is an additional act for me.

When I watch drama series, I would say how bad the person didn’t love his things, but when came to me, am I the same?

From now om, I will appreciate every single thing in my life.

In fact, I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have the loveliest family ever, a bunch of awesome best friend to hang around, a sweet and cute pet, my PM1516 and also my cutie cousins! I just love them so much. They are just like my breakfast, lunch and dinner, need and love them.

So now I’m going to show my love to them. I love my BIG family

I love my two cutie cousins!

I love my boy- Nicky. I love the way he "smile" and his blur-ness, love love love.

I love to hang around with my bestie.

I love to do silly and funny expression with them, they are just way too funny and cool. Love them.

I love hang out with this two pretty girls in such a natural and beautiful scene.

I love JLS! JLS is the BEST!! It's hardly to join JLS togather nowadays, miss and love JLS forever!

I LOVE my PM1516

I love shopping.

I love BBQ in beach with them.

I love beautiful seaside view!
I love flower is blooming!


Well, this entry is about love the world, love the environment.

Love the environment people, this might let us live longer and stay healthier…
Nowadays, even lingerie is eco-friendly, that means it uses of recycle material. That’s breathtaking! It has two ways to save us, first save us from ugly look, second save our environment.

The new collection from Sloggi is called Love World Love Sloggi and it is so damn awesome. It’s has a colourful and fashionable design, ecologically-friendly fabric that offer a comfortable and super fit all day long. This collection is inspired by cleaner planet, so it uses eco-friendly fabrics.

Now you would have a comfortable and super fit Sloggi for all day long while wearing the Sloggi 2010 collection- love world love Sloggi.

Try this contest if you are the environment lover.

You may log in to for more information.

We are the MOST insane people in the world!!!

Why I said so?

This is because today Shi Ting and I had done the most insane thing in the world, which is SPAM Jennifer Facebook for an hour! We changed our name and profile photo to confuse our friends. This is so called FOOL PUBLIC (which they often said but I don’t really get what is that!)

Not to be late, we decided to change our name to Jennifer Ng Mou Mou and Jennifer photo in our profile. After set up all the detail, we start to spam her Facebook for an hour!

What we do was, we keep commenting on her Facebook, and she replied us… (This step repeated many times) a few minutes later, some friend involved and they feel curious about that.

What a funny case!
After sometimes, Jennifer and I became so blur on it, coz you know what?
The conversation will be like this…. (Example)

Jennifer Ng Mou Mou (Shi Ting): hi
Jennifer Ng (the real): Hi….
Jennifer Ng Mou Mou (Me): hello……

(Keep on commenting)

And the funniest part was, our nortification will show something like this:-

- Jennifer Ng Mou Mou post something to Jennifer Ng wall post
- Jennifer Ng Mou Mou comment on Jennifer Ng Mou Mou wall post.
- Jennifer Ng posts something to Jennifer Ng Mou Mou wall post.

This few lines keep on popping out, and I was like OMG! It is so confusing and so many things to see on!!

I’m totally freak out when too many things came along, but it is so fun. First time I'm having such a ridiculous plan with Shi Ting, I mean spamming others Facebook in a funny way.

I was so insane and keep commenting and laughing at same time.

However, this game ends after an hour, coz one of my friends said that if we keep spamming others Facebook, we might block by the Facebook people. (I don’t know who that is actually.)

PS: We have a happy ending for this game and in fact it is so damn fun! Love the game~!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

104 point!!

Ok, today is the day where we have our FAR midterm exam, this paper drag me to hell for sure.
Coz I have use the wrong amount and yet still didn’t notice it until the last minutes, damn! I’m sure to have a low mark for this paper!! DAMN IT!!

Well, I should forget and don’t think of it since it is a past test!

Therefore, I went home and start to on my facebook and leave comment for about 2 hours. THAT”S GREAT! I feel so relax after leaving comment and watch so funny movie!

About 6pm, Jennifer message and told me that DP is having performance (ok, it is at MAHKOTA PARADE actually), so I follow her to MP!

What I do was, call Shin Yi to meet up with us, and she did it!
Thus, we went bowling coz Jennifer is craving for that for a long time. After changing the shoes. *swt* I have waste RM2 just for that stupid sock for one game! Next time we should plan before we go. This is the first time I have self-caption with Agnes (Jennifer's sister). She is so damn cute right?? With the most "sampated" girl in the world- Yun Chee. (sorry girl)

It's bowling time!! ILOVE IT SO MUCHHH.........
Sweey couple! They are so sweet. Whenever I have lunch with them, the GIRL didn't need to do anything ( I mean order food), the BOY will do it for her automatically. Sweet right?
After the game!! What I get was...
OMG! The very first time I got 104 point in bowling game! I'm so freaking happy of it and keep captured the photo of that mark. *childish*
With NG's family...
OK, fine! I'm the only one who look at the camera. *again*
Oh yeah! Our (Jennifer and me) found friend- ZY (guy sit besides me)
Nowadays, girl are so complicated! WAHAHAHA (They gonna kill me soon)
This is the only one girl group photo excluded Yun Chee in my camera *sad*
YEAH YEAH! My Pepsi float!
Caution: do not order this if you are very full ! you will feel disgusting while drinking that!
After some "process", its became NESCAFE!! Yucks~

About 10.40pm, we end our small “gathering”.
While we were walking to Jennifer’s car, something funny happened! The place which Jennifer had parked the car was a dark street with those Malay guys! We were quite scare of those guys, I mean if they are robbery or homosexual, normal people will scare right? Thus, what we do was, walk as fast as we can to avoid it. However, when we walk so damn fast, those guys were like laughing at us coz of our way of walking. (Mostly people will laugh, coz it is so damn funny)

Besides that, Jennifer’s sister keeps on asking us to look at the car and tree coz she scare those robbery will hide themselves at those places. (What a cute girl she is) After we had reached Jennifer’s car, me and her sis were shouting and asked Jennifer to open her car as soon as possible! And we are safe!! WAHAHA…….
The 3 of us!! Funny + sampated!!
Me and Jennifer. Do you notice that she had a hair cut?? Cute?? She looks young with this hair style! *thumb up*Me and The NG's family....

My mom fetched me at Jennifer's house, and while we were waiting for my sis, I forced my mom to have a photo with me...
The end result!!

I love this photo.....Me and MIMI!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The most annoying thing in the world!!

Well, this might be a little annoying when you watch it!!
Do not stop it, coz it is freaking funnny...

Enjoy ya!!

PS: Taken from facebook!

The funny video- Mashmallow murder!

Do you love mashmallow?
If yes, you might be the next Mashmallow murder!!


PS: I'm a mashmallow murder too! WAHAHA...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's appeared again!!

Ok, stupid and clumsy me appeared again!
I’m way too clumsy these days.
As I had mentioned yesterday, I have accidentally cut my finger by a knife and forget to bring my purse to school, right?

Thus, what have happened to me again?
My clumsiness appeared again, AGAIN!!!

When I reached the class today, there is nobody in. I message my friend and yes she is on the way. Thus, I waited for her to come and went in the class together. We waited for about 3 minutes and start to curious about it.

At the end, one of our friends told us that there is NO CLASS for today!! *WTH*
We were so surprise and keep scolding the lecture of no informing us! I mean he did inform us but we didn’t log in our school website today. I’m so damn bad luck!!

Hope there will good luck for Saturday, coz I’m having a midterm exam!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is due to my carelessness!!

I’m kinda too bad luck and careless today.
Coz I didn’t bring my purse to school today and yet still driving without notice it, I’m the careless people in the world.

After this incident happened, I quickly drove back and took it from my table. That the end of my carelessness!
I hate my carelessness, I should be careful enough to anything….

Well, I think it was the end of my bad day and carelessness. Who know another incident had proved that I’m not careful at all! That is because I got cut while I’m cutting the sausages!
What the hell to me?? What happened?? The wound was quite deep and I got scare of it!
That is why I’m crying while I have accidentally cut my hand! (ok it is my finger anyway!!)

It is ridiculous I should say!
What am I thinking of while I’m cutting those stupid sausages??

Cover by plaster! Freaking pain!
The thing is I’m way too stupid when doing anything….

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Past and Future

Don't bother for the title, it is nothing to do with this post anyway....

Well, now is the middle of 3rd semester and end of midterm break for MMU. Its means there will be tons of assignment and exam will be and due on these days. I’m so lazy yet scare of it, coz it is my marks and I scared I will fail on any of the sub, especially FAR (financial and reporting). The name itself made me so scare of it.

I have FAR midterm exam this coming Saturday, but I’m way too lazy to start it!
I guess I should force myself to do now!
Lydia, you should do your best in every single exam paper.

I hope holiday is coming soon, coz we were discussing the trip to Penang just now. This is a trip where we had discussed for many years and we didn’t make it for years.
I hope there is no changes about the trip, really do not cancel. We planned many years ago, friends! REMEMBER??

We are going to wait for the date and the place we will visit at. I’m kind of excited to go the Toilet Restaurant which located at Times Square at Penang. This is the first place I will go for sure!
Besides that, we will visit snake temple, “ji le shi”, the beach and also their food!! *OMG*
While thinking of the Penang food, saliva is going to come out! I should stop thinking of it right now!! Exam should be done first!

I really hope no cancellation of this trip!! NONONONO…. *begging with blink eyes*

**praying hard**

Monday, March 15, 2010

Night gathering at Station 1

Last Saturday, we have our friend gathering station 1 (it is suppose to be 5sc2 gathering, but it was cancelled due to the lack of people going.)

About 8pm, I answered a call by Jennifer and she told me that there is a sudden gathering, a normal one. (Not the 5sc2 gathering), so I answer without hesitated, that’s yes!

There is a reason why I do not want to go 5sc2 gathering, people who know me well will knew it!
When I reached Station 1, I just realize that someone is going, ok! I do not want to state who it is, coz it is a secret!
I ‘m just so regretting, but anyway I have fun there too.
My drink, Lemon+ plum + water! This is so yummy!! It tastes sour yet sweet!
Well, my favourite pose was out again due to the lack of pose!
Camwhore with my sis. She went my friend gathering too, what a weird girl she is! WAHAHAHA...
I just can't understand why my sis love to play with my friends, maybe my friends is very kind compared to hers!! Tak Jie, me and sis! Ok, everyone was peacing but I didn't do that, coz I had forgotten to peace it! SAD!!The boys and where was wee kee looking at?? Concentrate please!!!!!!!
The girls and where we were looking at?? We were looking at my camera. (this is the photo in wen ai's camera)
Group photo!! 9 of us! Willy (The organizer of 5sc2 gathering) will be very angry of it!
After those photo session, we have some soft like block game (I have no idea how it’s call as, sorry). This is so fun coz our friend set a rule that guys can only take from the side and girls is free to take from any places.

So for us, girls, we also take from the side and the block will be unstable for the next person. (This is the techniques of letting others to make the bock fall)
Before start the game!! I'm so serious here! Trying to stable the block.

After they have taken the block, it became so unstable now!!

And it fall when somebody took it!! Everybody was trying to save the block, how helpful they are! WAHAHAHA

PS: I'm so lazy to upload photo right now, so few photos were uploaded! Sorry!!

PSS: school reopen and I've no mood to study now! Can somebody help me out??