Friday, June 11, 2010

Today is a good day for movie.

Jennifer and her friends had invited Shin and I for a movie today, and it is our long-awaited movie Karate Kid. We had waited like 4 months and finally it is on cinema. *happy*

Thus, after our boring lecture we straight away packed up our things and headed to Dataran for movie. It is kind of rush at first, but after we knew that there will be a nice place available at 3.29pm, I kinda relief coz we don’t need to rush for movie after our lunch. *smile*

What is our lunch?
Tada! MC Donald for coz, Zi Ling had scared of MC Donald now, coz she had eaten it for like 2 days a week. *Faint* this is quite a lot for a week!

Today was special coz I had ordered spicy Mc Deluxe (for the first time), but this set doesn't satisfied me. I simply just hate the big piece of chicken and it is so oily yet crispy. *yuck* This will be the last time I guess!
Group photo for us! Captured using Sony TX1 (Zi Ling's camera) by the MC Donald waiter! I ♥ so much.

JLS had finally combined! It's been so long JLS didn't hang out together! S always disappeared one. =.=lll
After our lunch, we went to watch Karate Kid at GSC! OMG, I'm freaking hate that place especially room 8. I just pray not to go in anymore, but whose knows the karate Kid was shown in Room 8 (my bad luck room) but lucky these times I checked all my stuff before I left the room so I'm safe from losing anything! *Thank God!*

Not to forget, before we went for the movie, we had some stupid and funny photo outside of Dataran Pahlawan.
Since, Father's day is coming soon, Dataran Pahlawan had kindly present a cute protrait for the customer to capture their photo, so we were not lose any chance of taking photo!!
TADA!! Where is the son gone? This is so funny, I'm the father!! Happy Father's day to ME *stupid* Cannot play play is it? WAHAHA....
My "FAMILY" protrait! Now I'm the son! Happy Father's day to Zi Ling! WAHAHA...
Jennifer and I be the parents of the small girl (shin) *laughing non-stop*
Another "FAMILY" protrait. This time we used Zi Ling's camera- Sony TX1
Enough laughing?? A funniest photo will be up next!
Be READY, people!!
Zi Ling was siting on the bike!! WAHAHAHA.....SO COOL. *laughing madly* Don't kill me if you see it, Zi Ling.

The wishing tree I think. I've no idea what is the purpose actually!
Shin and I with the wishing tree (Ok, let's called it as wishing tree, I simply love the name. *smile*)
Did you guys watch the Froze Grand Center? Well, if you didn’t watch, you may watch it. If you do then you will know what I’m trying to say! WAHAHA…..*kind of rude, sorry*

It is just like an event that some people will be freeze for 2 minutes in a grand center or shopping center, it is simply as that.

PS: You may watch it, enjoy ya!

Thus, what I’m going to show you people is that, Jennifer and her friends was doing that at Dataran Pahlawan today! It’s freaking funny. They just freeze like that and asked me to capture the photo. However, they failed to pose in 2 minutes. (They had posed for few seconds, bravo)
Tada! This is what I mean! So funny.......

PS: I feel so exhausted after today outing and went back home and enjoy the FIFA World Cup open ceremony. I simply just love to watch their open ceremony, it's cool. They really talented in planning for this! *thumb up*
Everyone was crazy on FIFA World Cup now, theGoogle is on FIFA World Cup fever too! Their webpage was awesome! Love it!
If you can't see clearly, please click to enlarge it, thank you!
PSS: I'm going to sleep right now, feel sleepy!

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