Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Viki working eve! *smile*

Yesterday was my friend, Viki working eve, so as a friend Jennifer and I accompany her for dinner. She is going for her industry training today, good luck to her; hope her boss was not so strict.

We went New Jusco Melaka to have our dinner coz there have many variety of food to nom...nom... When we reached there, we search for food and walk like 30min just to find something that 3 of us didn’t try before; at last we went Papa John Pizza. (This is the very first shop we visit when we entered Jusco and we just ignore it, and then last choose it again. =. =lll)
They have pizza, salad, bread and spaghetti... My nom nom mood is up!
I've nothing to do when Jennifer and Viki was ordering the food, so stupid shoot came out! =)

The secret revealed. WAHAHA. Yummy..
They have a mirror (window like mirror) to show how their worker do their pizza, that's was fantastic!

This is the guy who keep showing off how he throw up and down the pizza! He was so happy when I captured his expert skill. *sweat max*

Viki and me. Good luck to you viki!!

Group photo. It's hard for us to have a group photo but a timer will be a helper! Good shoot~

Oklah...It's easy to capture group photo now! WAHAHAHA....

I love their envirnonment, coz it is not so noisy!

The most special stuff in Papa John is that they gave us many type of sauces (Butter and garlic, tomato paste and pepperoncini) and none of them are my favourite!

Jennifer favourite salad! Their tomatoes aren’t fresh at all! Yeww.......

Thousand island sauce is my favourite, without it, the salad taste suck! *evil laugh*

Our Pizza!! Our friend, Tong Yong who worked at there gave us a coupon which state BUY 1 (6 inch) FREE 1 and 15% offer! Thank you~

Align Center
Who dare to eat Pepperoncini??

ME!!! I dare to hold it. WAHAHAHA.....

Their Pizza holder just look like a racket. Mad cute!

Jennifer was trying to divide Pizza, but she messed up when she gave one to me! *laughing*

Our dessert time. Ok...It was our second dinner, we ate rather a lot yesterday, feel vomit after eat so much!
Jennifer and I went Aunty Annie to have our bread!! Love~
They have promotion which mean buy 2 free 1 with a J-card and Jennifer has a J-card! We are so lucky yesterday! ♥
Seaweed flavor ♥

sour cream and onion ♥

chocolate mint ( I don't like this the most coz it tastes rather sweet)

Viki went for Taiwan XXXL fried chicken at Shi Ling! Their chicken taste great!
Later that, we went to have gathering with our long-time-no-see friends- Hui Kim and Jane!
While we were at the escalator, camwhore will be my favourite! Yeah~ (Oklah, you may skip this part, but more camwhore will be disclose. WAHAHAHA...)
We found our first long-time-no-see friend, Jane at Padini concept shop!
CAMWHORE start again!! =.=lll
Reflection! ♥

Tall and shorty ( I want to have viki height)

Did you notice Jennifer???

I ♥ the background

I'm playing with the hair band, I look so funny here! *evil laugh*

After this we went to find Hui Kim at FOS, no photo was available at there, sorry hui kim!
We were so tired and full after eat and play so much, time to go back!!
PS: I'm going to do execrise later! WAHAHA....

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