Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I ♥ Durian

I had the feeling of eating durian days ago, and I was like begging my mom to buy it for me. This can shown how I craved for durian on durian season, I love durian ever since I born I guess. I just don’t understand why some people simply just hate it so much and they said it is stinking. STINK?? I can’t believe they stated king of fruit as a stinky fruit ever. I simply just ♥ durian =)

Well, back to topic.
While I was lying down on the sofa with my sis watching drama, my mom came back and she called me as loud as she can. Something smells good or someone called it as stink.

I just realize my mom had bought my favourite fruit back in home; I was damn happy coz I got to eat it now.

Captured photo with the king of fruit happily and my mom said we (my sis and I) was so "sampated" coz it is just a normal fruit. =__=

It isn’t not a normal fruit, mommy! It is the king of fruit, my favorite fruit.
With yellow flesh and taste heavenly. Mad delicious and I'm going to fly while I was eating durian. *exaggerated*

A durian with few little yellowish fleshy in it. Well, open a durian is just like a treasury game, coz first you need to find a way to open it, (it just like you need to find a treasure location) then after you have finally open it (when you have finally found the location where the treasure placed) there will a luck for you (simply just like when you have found the treasure, it doesn't mean that you will win, coz maybe you are getting a line which stated " please try again"). Thus, for durian, the flesh might not be as expected, maybe it taste gross or it is rotten sometimes, but as what it would be, be positive in anyhow. That's the rule of having a great durian dinner or lunch.
Like me, I'm having a great durian dinner just now with dad, mom and sis. *blissful*
Lydia: Do you want my sweet yellowish durian??? Do you?? *showing off*

Closed up look of my durian, its really have a good looking fleshy. Love Durian madly.


After reading my post, do you feel like eating DURIAN now?? Those who dislike durian damn much, try it as you can.

As what they always said, BELUM TRY BELUM TAU, SEKALI TRY HARI-HARI MAU!! (If you don't try, you wouldn't what the taste is, but after trying, you will surely love it) Trust me *sincerely*

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