Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucky week of mine!

This week is my lucky week, many lucky things happened! It’s fated. *smile*

First and foremost, I’m lucky because I can easily find a parking place I want (damn good place some more), and most of friend was complaining about it. I’m freaking lucky this week, hope my luck will go on in this semester! *greedy*

Then here come my luckiest day, today.
Today we’ve our organizational behavior lecture class and lecturer had told us to stay because need to choose our team members by drawing! I was like OMG HOW AM I GOING TO DO IF I’M NOT IN THE SAME GROUP WITH SHIN? My nervousness had driven me crazy, I just start to pray! Then lecturer starts to ask us to pick one paper which contains the number of group. I was so nervous and most of them were like a turtle choosing this and that. *grumpy that time* I quickly grab two paper in that bag and see it on the spot!

How could this happen?? OMG!! I can’t believe my own eyes!! Somebody please tell me this is a dream (a best dream ever!)
I had chosen both same number, and it is my lucky number 8. I’m so happy and keep saying I’m so lucky that annoyed Shin. Sorry!
Lucky No. 8
Love it sooooooo much...
PS: I'm going for sate later, yum...I'm waiting for it.....

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