Saturday, June 5, 2010

D.I.Y Spaghetti day!

Today is Spaghetti D.I.Y day and I’m the chef today. (Ok, my sis helped me too)

I’ve never ever cook a plate of spaghetti before, I know I’m quite bad but it is real! *shy*
So since today is father’s day, I will be the chef of my house (my sis too), spaghetti will be my first choice for dad, mimi and aunty. *smile*

Why I called it as D.I.Y spaghetti?
It is because sis had cooked the second type of sauce for the Spaghetti, so we can choose which one to nom...nom...WAHAHA…

Now start the working process.

The tomato sauce that I had cooked! No WIP (work in process) photo coz I'm way too busy that time. WAHAHA... Mimi love my sauce *happy* and aunty said it is better to eat mine instead of sis's cook. (coz they hate creamy stuff)

The PREGO mushroom creamy sauce. Yum... *this is open by Wai Mun*

This is so called DIY, coz we can add what ingrdient we love to eat. Yum....

WIP Spaghetti in the pot! Still boiling in the water. *waiting for minutes*
While we were cooking, aunty came and waited us to cook finish, sorry! I was busy cooking and didn't realize that the cherry tomatoes that I decided to put had left off. *shy*
OK..This is sis end product and it is her second tried! Great job but I just love mine! WAHAHA..
TADAAAA.......This is mine! OMG! It looks so delicious ( By the way, it is delicious) Mimi had gave me a BIG thumb up! Yeah! SUCCESS~

My additional dish. *cooked by mimi of coz*

Everyone was so happy to eat spaghetti except dad coz he is sleeping while we were enjoying. *sad* I didn't get to see his expression coz I went to movie after that. =[

I love spaghetti so much~

Mine! Love it sooooo much.....

Eat finish without any waste! This proved that my spaghetti is soooo yummy. (sis too of coz)

PS: I've a fun day today, went to watch Prince of Persia today! Nice movie indeed. (and be a lamp pose of coz..WAHAHAHA...)

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