Monday, June 7, 2010

One and only celebration

Today is my uncle birthday but we had celebrated his birthday on last Saturday due to weekend.

At Saturday was a tiring day coz after my sis and I had our spaghetti D.I.Y, we went MBO together with Wai Mun to watch Prince of Persia! Well, I’m the lamp pose again. (Ok, I promise not to be lamp pose for some days.)
Prince of Persia was a great movie, not regret after watched it. I feel so nervous while watching the movie. (Kind of excited too) This guy was so charming. (However, not all people love that guy in fact)

After watching the movie, we headed to buy some stuff. Before we wanted to pay up the things, sis realizes her money had lost, and quickly went off to MBO again! I think sis and I are terribly bad luck when we went to cinema, coz I lost my purse in cinema too. *sad* I just hope we are lucky for the rest of the time.

Not to forget, we went to buy cake too. *yummy* and went back to prepare for dinner. *happy*

This was a surprise birthday, no one know we are going to celebrate uncle birthday that day, except me, sis, dad, mimi and aunty. (Quite a lot of people knew it indeed WAHAHA......)
Shift to upstair coz we have a lot of people. *evil laugh* I love upstair because we are the only family up there! Yeah!

The food arrived so damn fast!

Yam ring with sweet sour sauce. I love the yam ring so much.

Oyster eggs! Yummy..

Tofu with black sauce. I ain't love this dish, it is super normal.

Roaster duck! Quite hard to eat it!

Everyone was so busy nom..nom-ing, but I'm just way to free to capture every memorable moment.

After finish eating, it's time for us to celebrate uncle birthday! Yeah...I've cake to nom again!
Uncle's cake, chosen by ME- German Black Forest

Blowing the cake! OK, the photo was quite bright coz I used the wrong mode! *sweat*

Cutting the cake and again wrong mode! =.=lll

WHAT again?? Wrong mode for the photo. Everyone looks awful here! sweat to the max!

Now I used the right mode for this photo! Nice? I simply just love Jun Jie, he is so cute! His bro too. *smile* or i should say his bro is the most "manja" (demanded) child ever, freaking cute!

I love German Black Forest. I should order this cake another time! ♥
Uncle did have surprise when the worker cleaned up the table just for him! *smile* our mission success!!!
Happy birthday uncle...

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