Sunday, June 13, 2010

My new Pinky and Milky gadgets!

I wanted to buy a new mouse for like half a year, my old blacky mouse has gave me tons of problem (can’t scroll and click for sometimes), it’s freak me out!

My old blacky mouse seems like a human being, coz when I said I’m going to buy a new mouse, then it will be normal, but soon after I decided to use it, it gave me problem again! *sweat* since there is an IT fair which held at MMU Melaka is on, so I decided to buy this pinky mouse for myself. It is cheap and worth it coz it free me a mouse pad! WAHAHA….

My new gadget, pinky and milky! It's freaking cute lah!
FIY, this is not the free gift. I bought it at Jonker Walk for RM 6, I love it so much and it is comfortable to use it too. My sis bought the Hello Kitty pinky mouse pad which I not so love it coz it is Hello Kitty!

Another photo for my new gadget, pinky mouse

They match it well. Love it soooooooooooooooooo much........

And it matches with my laptop too! *lucky*

Well, this is my free gift, and pinky mouse plus this mouse pad cost me RM 15, freaking cheap lah! Worth it! *lucky x2*

PS: Today I've a great time today! (eat a lot too)

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