Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Water Moments

Since I have a blog, I used to capture photo as a remembrance and post it on my blog and share my happy moment with you people, that’s what I often do. Am I? Thus, I need to own a compact camera to captured all this moment and share it as well.

So now, I’m going to share my water moment with you people! This sure can reflect to the theme of my water moment coz we really have a great water moment.
With my mom's friend- Mama Lucy, she is a cute Mama ever!
Everyone has their water moment with friends instead of family, but I'm different! I'm having my water moment with my family. (Mama Lucky is my family) How great is that when we were enjoying happy moment with our own family! I simply love this water moment of mine with my family!!

My only captured water moment is when my mom’s friend (Mama Lucy) house own a new swimming pool and invited us to her house to have some swim. (I’d blogged this last year, if you read my blog, you will know it) We were so happy playing in the water, photo captured and chit chatting in the pool as well. *happy max* my sis and I were so crazy on blogging so we need to capture every moment we have, but the problem is we have no water resistant or water proof camera at once, so all of the photo taken that day was using my canon compact camera which have no water proof function. We were so scared that it will drop into the water and keep holding tightly as we captured the entire photo.
Get what I mean now? We've tons of photo captured but we didn't captured any underwater photo, kinda disappointed coz we have lots of fun in the water instead of just swimming, but sadly my canon camera have no water proof function! I need a Sony TX5 camera to capture every moment of me in the water!!

Besides that, if I have Sony Tx5, the photo wouln't be that dark coz of Clear and sharp images in low-light environment! I simply just love it! and and and! It can take 10 photo in a second! That's super great! Most camera can't do that in water!
Just like this!! I'm super envy those people who own their own water proof camera so that whenever they went into the water, they have the chance to have beautiful photo in the water! *envy max*
However, if I won this contes I may own a new Sony TX5 for my water moment!
Sony had came out a all-new Sony TX5! Proudly bearing the title of the ‘World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera’, the TX5 is – get this – not only water-proof, but shock-proof, temperature-proof and dust-proof too. And it doesn’t only look pretty; it comes with some awesome functions like Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and anti-motion blur. Yes, the TX5 is not only the ultimate package of beauty and brains, it’s darn near indestructible as well.
10.2 Mega Pixel T Series 4x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot (Green)
The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.
• Water-proof (up to 3 meters)
• Handheld Twilight
• Intelligent Sweep Panorama
• “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
• BIONZ Image Processor
• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens

Standard Retail Price:
RM 1,499.00 *

By the way, what I love about Sony TX5 is that it is water proof of coz and it is shock, dust and temperature proof! WAH! How good is this! If somebody just throw my Sony TX5 in the sand, I wouln't that angry because it is dust and shock proof!!
It wouldn't be dusty!! I love this feature so much..
Besides that, Sony TX5 have 5 colour for you to choose it! I love baby pink but I hope to own the red one! *kinda brighter*
Nuffnang had given us a chance to win a Sony TX5!! click here
I want to win this contest, nuffnang let me win please!! Sony TX5, I'm waiting for you!
For more information please log on to

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