Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jolly Friday and Saturday!

On Friday, my family and I went Wok and Pan for Happy Papa’s day. There are several reasons why our family doesn’t celebrate on that day. (Happy Father’s day)

1) Whenever there is a celebration, food will be damn suck in some restaurant coz they have not enough of people to handle.

2) Wok and Pan doesn’t provide food that I craved for so long on SPECIAL day.

3) We hate to be pack on the road, that’s was gross.

4) We simply just anti-social. (Ok, this is just a joke; my family is so sociable, besides me. =__=)

We went Wok and Pan after sis had fetched Wai Mun from Sentra. That day was a perfect day for celebration, all of the food was provided, and as I said the-food-I –had-craved-for is there! I’m way too happy after all.
You may have a try if you want to. The numbers and location is provided here! May you have a try. Food there excellent, cheap, non-halal and service good, but sadly the food was not so hot. =__=

Mango blended drink. I highly recommended for people who want to have a try, nice and cold.

W13- pork with pineapple and sweet and sour sauce. (if I'm not mistaken) I love the way they fried the pork (I don't really know it is pork or fish or chicken, sorry) and mix with the sauce, perfect match I should say! Next time I should try this instead of others~

Sorry, I had forgotten the code but I still remember the name, Pan fried chicken with black pepper. Comment on it was as normal as others, nothing special at all. I still prefer W13.

Cantonese fried! This is what I had called as Food-that-I-had-craved-for. I've finally got the chance to taste it, coz everytime I went there, there will be "out of stock". *grumpy* (coz it is on the special day =_=lll)

W11- Pork rib with honey sauce. First time tried this dish and conclusion it taste heavenly. The pork rib combined with the sauce make a good combination, it taste sweet. I'm loving it. However, it costs RM27 per plate, so it is quite expensive for student like me.
Camwhore photo next! Be ready... (again, if you have no interest on my camwhore photo, simply just skip it. WAHAHA..)
Camwhore photo no. 1- smile without open my mouth! I named my camwhore photo some more. *sweat to the max*

Camwhore no. 2- smile with open mouth! I’ve really lost my mind to name my camwhore photo. All will be camwhore no. 1 or no. 2. Damn it! I should be more creative!

PS: There will lesser family photo coz no one was interested in taking photo (besides my sis, but she have no time to take photo with me, and you know why. *sob*), they just simply love FOOD!!

End of my friday night with fullest happiness.
On Saturday, nothing had been done by me and my sis coz the air-con service company workers was servicing our house air-con for half day. (From 11am to 2.30pm) What should I do if somebody (strangers) just walking around in my house, and I need to take care of my Nicky boy some more. *Bored to the max. *

However, waiting is still okay to me but if somebody just scolded or pointed annoyingly to my Nicky Boy, I should complaint on him!! There is a worker who looks like the bad Chinese kid in karate kid pointed to my Nicky boy annoyingly whenever he bark at him. HELLO!! You are the stranger in my house, why shouldn’t let my dog to bark at you, and what you mean to point to him like that. Idiot! Besides pointing at my dog annoyingly, he even looks at us with his strange-ever face and show us his bloody annoying face to us! Bull shit! You are the worker, ok??(Not that I look down on any worker, is just that I hate people who don’t respect people, think that they are super great! Bull SHIT)

I think Nicky boy hate him a lot coz whenever he walk by, my dog will bark at him as loud as he can, but others nicky boy dare not do that! Thus, in conclusion who is the one to bare this matter?? The bull shit worker does!! He deserved it~
About 3pm, all the air-con had been serviced, so it's time for us to have our lunch (Well, I've eaten one hot dog bread before that). My sis cooked mushroom soup for us, before that we went bread house to buy butter garlie bread to match the soup.
The butter garlie bread and sis's cooked mushroom soup.

We were having lunch together while watching to The Beverly Hill Chihuahua. Nice movie and lunch for the day. Its simply fullfill our time.
Highly recommended- Blueberry cheese tart. *thumb up x100*

PS: I just went Ajimen Ramen house for breakfast + farewell for ting. I'll post it later or probably next week. It is depend on my lovely mood.

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