Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday and Sunday are good days to hunt for FOOD!

Saturday and Sunday are good days to hunt for FOOD. Do you agree with my statement?

The only days I went out to hunt for food is on Saturday and Sunday, I just way too lazy to go out from my house on weekdays. (I’ve class on weekdays too! T.T)

On Saturday morning, sis and her bf went out for movie, so I’m alone at home that time, what I do was watching drama from morning until 6pm, I know it is quite long but what to do, I simply just way too boring. (It is fun though) After they had come back from movie, my family went dinner together with my 2 nd uncle who came back from Subang. *smile*

No photo available here, coz I’m too hungry that time! *apologize*

After dinner, I, sis and her bf went to Jonker to hunt for food again, but we just have some foods only coz we were way too full after dinner!
Tarnado potato. I've been craving for it long time ago, and now got to try it. *happy*
It tastes normal yet crispy. Rating 5/10


Mango drink. Higly recommended!
Rating 10/10 *thumb up*

Octopus ball.
Rating 7/10

While I'm walking on the street, I saw this guy playing those instruments nicely. I'm so admire!
He played those instruments at once! How cool was that.
Talking about these biscuit, there is a stall boss who sell this particular stuff at Jonker freak me out, coz he was so rude when he asked us to order before others grab it first. He was like eh! you must order quickly and don't stand at there just staring, faster order! OMG! He is super rude, after he burst out those words, my sis went off and decide to buy from others stall. (anti that particular stall loh, hate it! I wouldn't go there and buy biscuit anymore!)
Jonker end after buying the octopus ball.
Sunday was a great family.
Before we have our breakfast, my family went jogging for healthy body! WAHAHA...(I'm just joking, we went jogging for fun only)
After jogging, we have our breakfast at home! Yum yum!
Once again, Sunday is a great day to hunt for food. About 1pm, we went the long-time-no-see Sakura House. The food quality had declined, how sad was it. However, the price still reasonable.
FIY, not much photo coz mostly are just sushi! Sorry...
Tempura prawn. *crisp crisp*
Rating: 10/10

Fried Tao Fu *Tasteless*
Rating : 5/10 (normal)

Rating: 8/10

Soft shell crab
Rating: 9/10

Cold mee
Rating :4/10 (failed!! Hate it!!)

Pork with CHEESE!
Rating : I'm loving it

Sesame ice-cream
Rating : Yum Yum~~
We went so called SOYA shop at 4pm to have some dessert. This shop was located at beside Ben Zhan restaurant. The entire food was made by Soya Bean, and it taste.....(Ok, not all the foods are made in Soya Bean, they have nasi lemak also.)

I love their wallpaper! It's Melaka bunga raya old time view. *history look*

Their environment was quite nice. FYI, this shop open at 10am to 6pm.
I wore my black and red slipper to the shop. This is freaking cute and I bought it at Jonker last week. *love it so much* Whenever I wore this slipper, my friend, shin will said I wore the wrong slipper to school. *sweat*

Long gan Tao Fu Hua!
Rating : Love it

Soya puding
Rating: So-so..

They have many variety of soya product, but due to our fullness we decided just to order this two dessert.
OS: I'll be bacj here again! *serious*
Seriously, I'm going on this coming saturday with my friends! I'm going to order my love, Waffer ice-cream!! *seriously*

PS: I'm so bad luck today, coz when I went to school just now, tutor cancelled the class. T.T so I need to wait for 3 hours to get into another lecture class! *sweat*

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