Friday, June 18, 2010

FAKERS are all over the place, BEWARE!

One day when I was free, I open my mail box and it is full of message which I didn’t have the time lazy to open at all. (I’ve no idea why I should open some junk mail actually) For your information, I will open my mail while there is some assignment to follow or while I’m way too free.

Thus, I found a mail which the sender was GOOGLE CORPORATION, and it state that it is an officially notification from GOOGLE. I open the mail without any further thinking (since it is just a junk message from some stupid faker), it wrote damn a lot of words! Its drive me crazy, I hate reading so many words.

The mail was like this.

2010 Google Award!
Stamford New Road,
Altrincham Cheshire,
WA14 1EP
United Kingdom.

Dear Lucky Recipient,
On the 4th of September 1998, Google was incorporated as a privately held company. Google Corporation is one company that earns its profit mainly from advertising using their very own Google search engine, Gmail , Gala, Sify, e-mail service Google Maps, Google Apps, Orkut social networking and YouTube video sharing, which are all offered to the public for free.

We wish to congratulate you once again, for being selected as a winner in the ongoing Happy Google Anniversary Promotion. Hence we do believe with your prize, you will continue to be active in your patronage to Google.

The online cyber draws was conducted from an exclusive list of over 6,000,000 email addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer selection from the web. (NO TICKETS WERE SOLD).

The primary objective for this Corporation is to encourage individual that are active Users of Google search engine and Google ancillary service. Google is currently the world leading search engine worldwide, and is vigorously making more effort to make sure the reputation of the company stands out to be the best among the rest, with the optimize help of our customers worldwide.

A Bank Draft will be issued in your name by the Google Promotion Board, you have therefore won the entire sum of 450,000.00 GBP {Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds.

Google Promotion Board

Do e-mail the Claims office at once with the Verification and Funds release form below for validation of your prize and to avoid unnecessary delay.
.Residential Address:
.Tel (Mobile):
.Full Name:
.What is your comment on Google?

For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims are processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please be warned.
Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of Google Board Commission.
Yours Sincerely,
Eric Owen.
©2010 Google Corporations

Can you believe it?? Can you??
It state that it is give 450,000 POUND for 6 million of people who won this Google searching or whatsoever. (A Bank Draft will be issued in your name by the Google Promotion Board; you have therefore won the entire sum of 450,000.00 GBP {Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds})

In POUND, can you imagine how much is that and it is given to 6 million people all over the world! Siao meh, they are so rich? The currency for pound is so high, Google effort to give us so much? it is crazy.

I think those fakers in the world just stop sending such fake message to us, I’m not that stupid ok? Please stop spamming or I should said in polite way, sent us such stupid and fake message just to get our money like that. You should earn money by your own self and not to bluff our hard earn money, try to work or earn it by yourself and you will feel it when such stupid dude bluff your money! To the whole world faker or liar, please don’t ever send such stupid message or mail to me or others anymore, this is so annoying.

However, it might be real, but just think about people, is this realities? Just think about it, 450,000 pound is just like big amount of money down from sky, it is impossible people would give you such a big amount of money without doing anything, am I right? Think, people! Don’t ever let faker or liar to “earn” your money just like that, you might regret when you are the one.

This is just a small advice for you guys and a warning for those fakers in the whole world!!
I simply just hate those fakers who are dishonest especially reguarding with MONEY!! Can't you just earn by yourself and stop doing something stupid to other who are innocent!

PS: Well, this message might (just might be) real, but I will ignore it with no further information given!! *angry*

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