Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farewell for sakai

Last Friday was a day where the result for application of university release and ting came to my house and checked that she has successfully applied UMS (University Malaysia Sabah). We (Jennifer and I) were so shocked and Jennifer came out this plan which called FAREWELL Party for SAKAI Ting, (we called her sakai because she is going to Sabah soon. WAHAHA…)

So this plan was held on the following day which is Saturday. We woke up 8 in the morning and went to Tesco to get some ingredient for our food. Each of us needs to prepare one dish for this farewell party, so I’m the one who in charge of Chocolate cake. (Since you all had watched the video I posted last two days, you might know that) Ting in charge chicken chop and Jennifer in charge the side dishes which are mushroom soup, salad, wedges and hot dog. (With the help of Bee yoke)

The ingredient we bought. A lot right? We bought so much because everything in Tesco looks so yummy and attract us to buy it. *sweat*

This proved that we really went Tesco that day. *laughing*
Note: Please look at our sleepy eyes, and again proved that we went tesco that early. (8am)

After paying all the ingredient, time to go back!

Before that, camwhore in the car is a must for me! WAHAHA....

This plan venue will be in my house coz my house is the most suitable place for us to cook, no baby and parents but dog!

Our ingredient beside the "zhang", bread and my camera case =__=

Not to delay anytime, we started our job right after Ting and Jennifer finished their Nasi Lemak. SEE!! We really know how to cook, so please do not look down on us! *proud of myself*

As I mentioned, my job is to bake a chocolate cake. (the easiest task of all I think) My video had shown how we cooked and the outcomes, so I think you guy don't need me to repeat again.

Me and my before-bake chocolate cake! I forgot to put milk in, but the taste still great. Agree??

After 2 hours of our effort, dishes had finally served! Yummy! Our effort grants us a delicious lunch + dinner + supper.

They were so busy decorating their plate. We decided to have a contest where all of us need to decorate our plate for ourself, make it as creative as possible or as nice as possible.

Video for the process of food being decorated! Boring video indeed~

Our design! left up: Me, right up: Bee yoke Left down: Jennifer and right down : Ting.
Rate please!! WAHAH...

Our dessert. Chocolate cake by me, big apple donat bought by Bee Yoke and ice-cream from Tesco! Great combination! I love it so much....

Yam Sheng (cheers)....Ok, fine is blessingggggggggg.....Jennifer told us that some wedding called yam sheng (cheers) as blessing. This is soooo polite.
After sometime, we felt so full and have a break before we continue eating. Thus, Ting and I have a chance to camwhore.
Camwhore 1 -normal rate!
Camwhore 2- half crazy coz Ting haven't prepare yet
camwhore 3- sucess for ugly look! So funny....

Two group photo- using timer (always) and FYI, I've lighten our face coz due to light problem, our face look damn dark. Therefore, I decided to lighten it so that it looks nice than a darker face! Love the group photo so much!
Do you think our camwhore end like this?
Nope! We had tried to be paparazzi for some photo! Kissing....Ting is kissing us! OMG! Can you believe??

We love acting, acting is just like our life~
After a few minutes, Bee Yoke went to her father's day party, so left Ting, Jennifer and me in the house.
However, our "sampatness" wouldn't end just like that!
More camwhore photo in the next photo, be prepare!
10 photo in one time!! This was really fun coz we need to be fast! Especially line4 where ting and jennifer were doing head massage.
While we were playing camwhore, time flies! 8 hours just end with laughter. So since we still left some melted ice-cream in the refrigerator, we took out and eat it again! now you can imagine how full we are that day.
Jennifer and me were eating the ice-cream first!

melted ice-cream. Look disgusting yet tasted yummy...

Now Ting joined us for ice-cream! *love*

Camwhore again =__=

and again =__=
I love the T-shirt we wore that day, it is a T-shirt we bought in Penang! I ♥ PG

Oh yeah, not to forget, we had invited a special guest to our party. This is really special guest!
The guest drown in the water and die just like that!!

Our special guest- flies had drowned in orange juice! *grosssssssssssssssss*

I hate flies soooooo much........

PS: We've a great time together that day, 9 hours passed and we felt it is just a few minutes passed! T.T

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