Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love Japan invention so much.

Well, I bet most of you had seen this YouTube video in Facebook, however, I’m still going to post it in my blog.

Konapun A toy that lets kids create imitation snacks that resemble the real thing is very popular in Japan today. The toy, called Konapun, first went on sale some 20 years ago, but the new version can make even more realistic copies of food. Konapun can be used to produce miniature replicas of a wide range of foods, including donuts, cakes, and ice cream.

Japanese are really damn creative, they always create something that will make us “WOW” when we see it, just like this konapun, it is a toy yet it looks real. How good is that!! Why Malaysia has no this kind of inventory?? I want to go Japan to have one.

The food of konapun toy is damn real! Although it is just a toy game but it looks so yummy, I'm so hungry right now! I should stop watching it now..

Japan is always my dreamland besides New Zealand, it sell many cute stuff. Besides this konapun, nowadays I’ve addicted to Comomo and Rilakkuma. These two cutie bear had stole my heart, it is freaking cute. Some of my friend had really annoyed by me, I guess, coz I keep saying I love COMOMO so much and they will say ELAH…again!! This is serious. If you see the photo, you will love it~~ COMOMO is the best! The most important is that, comomo is pink in colour, nope, I should it is baby pink!! OMG! Mad love cute baby pink stuff so much. When can I get one??

This is the cutie comomo. Japanese even provide them a family name, and this comomo have like 4 kinds. This freaking cute. I want one please!

Rilakkuma! Cute bear....when this bear produce and sold in the market, many Japanese girls were damn crazy on it! Thus, this proved that it is mad cute...I love it. I want one too........

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