Sunday, May 16, 2010

Foresee for Penang!

Today finally my final exam is come to end, happy yet sad. Happy because I’m going to Penang right after today, but sad because I have lost my purse and it contains many documents! I’m so sad right now. My RM 100 had gone by the wing, and IC, ID and many things!!! OMG!! I’m going to freak out and cry out loud. I shouldn’t watch IP MAN, coz I lost my purse at CINEMA!! Can you believe how stupid am I? Can you???

I’m freaking out and I said I’m going to blog about it. The person who had took my purse please be kind to return me or send to me, I will thank you so much! I hope to have my purse back; I don’t need money back but please return my documents. I have nothing to say right now…..

Ok, right now I should foresee about my Penang, Penang Penang!

I’m going to the food paradise state, PENANG, I’m going to eat many kind of food, play a lot and BANANA BOAT I’m coming. Now still have 9 hours to Melaka Sentra and my mood go like up and down, I need a stable mood please! *sigh*

Packing for my bag just now, and thinking of whether should bring netbook or not, should I bring it? I’ve no idea coz I’m way to clumsy right now! *sigh*
I brought 2 bags and many stuff is in the bag!! SO happy right now!!

My friend had prepared us some note for MUST-To-Bring-list, and I'm so clumsy coz when I packed my stuff, I run the whole house to get one thing and yet still finding thing that I had in my hand! What wrong with me today?? *sigh*
Oh yeah, did I said that my lovely friends spent their time with me at the police station to report the lost of my purse, I feel so sorry because they have spent their dinner time or I should say lunch+dinner time with me for the purse stuff, sorry gals! You gals are the best MUACKZ!! Big kiss to you gals and my aunty and mimi said they are so good coz some people wouldn't bother about it and keep having fun by themselve. THANK YOU!!
PS: I'm going to have fun with them at PENANG!!

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