Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farewell for sakai day 2

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It is a continue of farewell for sakai, or I should say this is another farewell gathering for Ting. This is because some of them (Kenneth and Jane) do not attend on that day.

Thus, this time we’re going to give Ting a bigger farewell gathering. The day before, we had decided to have Dim Sum with Ting at 7am, but due to some problem, we had changed the time to 10.30am which is too late for Dim Sum, so changed the location to New Jusco.

We reached there around 10.45am, and started to find for place to have gathering. FIY, we really have no idea what to eat that time coz New Jusco has many variety of delicious food. *headache*

After one hour, we had finally chosen Ajisen Ramen for our breakfast.
As a super addicted-blogging-person, my job is to capture the photo all sort of thingy in the shop.

For example, The menu. They have many varieties of Ramen to choose.
From soup to dry to side dishes and drink. As you can see, those photos in the menu look so yummy and beautiful but please don't judge the book by it cover or I should say don't judge the food by their photo. Photoshoot my dear....

Their drink. I've no idea about their taste, so sorry....
I feel like being a paparazzi....(oklah, Jennifer is the exact person who captured this photo)
My Curry Ramen. As I said, don't judge the food by its photo, it did not looks good in the photo but the taste is better than those with beautiful photo outcome. Good choice of mine.

It looks damn delicious in the photo but according to my friends who ordered this Pork with dry Ramen, if not mistaken (i'm not good in memorizing food name especially those with fancy name)the Ramen was damn salty.
This is dry pork with soup Ramen. *again* I don't memorize the name of the food, I just created by myself. I think if you want to have some try on Ramen, you should try the soup one, coz you can try the the Ramen with their Q-ness. *thumb up*
The free ice-cream from the worker who is Jane's friend. Kenneth said it tastes like medicine! I never try it, so no comment on it. *shy*
After we have finish our Ramen, Ting left over some fried pork coz according to her, she is damn full after finished up the ramen soup.

We're going to eat it of coz, but with different way!!!
We're going to eat with these spices!!

The killer spices ever, chili oil!

Everyone of us need to play a kind of game which is so called scissor paper stone game. (I know we're quite childish, but it is damn fun. *no kidding*)
Each person will give a rule of the game, for example, if I said the second person who out from the game need to eat that piece of pork which had added some special spices in, so the second person who out the game need to eat it!! It is damn excited loh, coz you will never know when you will be the second!
And the end outcome will be something like this. FULL OF ALL SORT OF SPICES!! Yucks..

The most cruel thingy was when Kenneth keeps adding the chili oil on the fried pork! OMG! Can you believe chili oil...Yuck...

However, we've fun after all the yucky stuff. *smile*
Around 12pm, Jane need to pack up to Cyber, so we ended our farewell gathering for Ting!
Before that, we have some photo of coz..
The sweetest couple in the world... WAHAHA...
A big bunch of besties in the world.
PS: it is so difficult to ask a worker to capture this photo for us, coz they were way too busy walking around. =__=

End of Farewell party for Ting.
She will be embark to Sabah tomorrow evening, bon voyage Ting! Meet you on Nov or Dec, and take care.....

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