Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drawing contest~

I had just finished chit-chatting with my bro via webcam, its freaking funny chat with him. *long time didn’t chat with him via webcam*

We didn’t chat to each other via webcam actually, but then after I wanted to do my homework I insist to do so, so he must do it too! WAHAHA... He must listen to me of coz.

After chit-chat sometimes, we both got bored and I think of one brilliant idea to make webcam be fun.

The idea was drawing each other face in msn column!

The outcomes were freaking funny; I simply can’t stop myself of laughing.
Ok...now compare two outcomes...

Bro's drawing.

OKLAH...I admit bro'sdrawing is much more nicer than mine, I've to say that I'm not good in drawing for sure! WAHAHA.... (My bro said the guy that I drew looks like a nerdy =__= where got nerdy look like that one, bro!)

Note: My bro drew my peace pose! He knows I love peace so much....*laughing non-stop*

PS: Having fun chit chatting with him, hope he come back soon...Buy for me Durian, gor...WAHAHA......

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