Saturday, July 3, 2010

Night Life in Melaka

What should we do while we were in Melaka?

Melaka seems to be not-a-good place for night life, but it is not exactly like that, Melaka has night life too. However, to be frank, it is not as good as other state.

Thus, I hang out with my family somewhere at Eyes of Melaka; the place was quite nice and windy as well. I love it, coz it’s time for camera to be shown up!

I quickly took out my camera and captued this big Eyes of Melaka

This is Eyes of Melaka with blue light which make me feel dizzy...=_=

I'm trying to capture the blue Eyes of Melaka as my background but I failed!
So, now I'm going to make river as my background....

and I successed, but the photo looks blurry. *grumpy*

Night life in Melaka. FYI, the entire building have picture on it, I think it is something like history of Melaka (if I'm not mistaken) and there is boat for visitor from other country to sit as well.
Did you see the boat. (It became blurry while I was captured the photo) *sob* I've failed to captured the boat.

PS: mom had promised us (dad and me) that we will sit this boat on next week (when my uncle come back from KL) *excited*

I've finally make the Eyes on Melaka be my background of the photo. Good shoot for myself!!

After that, we went Thong Shui House for supper.
I've to introduce this Thong Shui House, coz the Thong Shui there was quite yum yum and besides that, they even provide other food for customer who don't like Thong Shui.
The menu of the Thong Shui House made my saliva drop! I should go there with my Tomodachi again!
Thong Shui House was so kind to prepare us some magazine and newpapers while we were waiting for the food to arrive. *thumb up*

They even have this mad cute stuff in the shop. They are so creative......I love it...
I ordered long gang + red bean + Tang yuan Thong Shui!! *thumb up*
I love this Thong Shui so much coz they have big Long Gang and...
big tang yuan!! As I mentioned before, I love tang yuan damn much, so this would be suitable for me..Thank for the recommend of my aunty.

There is peanut in it...Yum Yum!! Love it....
Well, something happened while I was trying to camwhore with my sweet Thong Shui.
My dad was so damn cute one coz while I was trying to camwhore, he looks at me with a curious look and snatch the camera from me.
You know what he is going to do??

He is going to take my photo with my camera!! WAHAHA....
First, he was like how to press the button, then he captured a photo of mine, but it was blur, last he seems like give up and let me to camwhore by myself. My dad really damn cute one, he made me laugh non-stop that time!
Oh yeah, not to forget, we add on a fried mee with chili..
While I was eating this, I felt I'm burning!! *spicy*

The outcome from my camwhore skill (after my dad let me to camwhore by myself)

Thong Shui House is a great place for friends as well, so I should go there again for the next time with Tomodachi.
PS: Let's go tomodachi!!

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