Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission FAIL to the max!

I finally got to blog about the gathering my friend and I had last week. It takes freaking long time for me to have those photos, coz my friend is going to back to school, so late posting photo for sure.

Ok, we got go to eat this very-long-time sate we craved for. Well, we supposed to eat it on the day before we embarked to Penang, but due o my purse lost my friend and I decided to eat it next time which is on this gathering. Once again, I like to thank them for helping me so much, I’m totally blur that time.
ice lemon. FYI, their ice lemon taste good, I love the combination of sourness and sweetness, it taste not to sweet. *thumb up*
SATE we craved for so long (ok, is I craved for so long) their sate was so delicious, but sadly they put too much fat in it. *gross*

The sate sauce and ketupat. I love it so much, it taste super good.

Yeah I got to eat what I craved for so long. FYI, I just woke up that time and rushed to the gathering so you may see a sleeping face of mine in this photo. I'm no in mood that time, sorry.

Two white "angel" WAHAHAHA...They got cheat by us (ST, Su Ann and Me)

Here comes the story of them.
ST and I were planned to celebrate April baby (Shin, Jennifer and Bee Yoke) birthday when we at Penang, but when we were in Penang, this plan have failed due to transportation, so we changed our plan and it was this gathering.

Honestly I totally forget about this plan, and was shocked when ST told me to follow Bee Yoke’s car after finished our Sate. I thought they are going to have their secret chat in the car, but after I observed something strange about their conversation, I finally know what it going on. *rolling eyes*

So, now I have a big mission to be done, I was so nervous (not that actually) I just don’t know what I was doing that time. I was just too scared for them to know about this mission, I just scare.
Ok, we reached Uncle John, and I still SMS-ing with ST to confirm some stuff, I was way too stupid to lie. (I admit)

Have some photo to calm me down. *smile*

I simply just love this photo so much. Jennifer is the camera woman. *love*

Ice-cream toast (if not mistaken)
It taste yummy yet normal *evil laugh*

french fried which not come from french, get it? (Ok, it is just a joke. WAHAHAH....*lame*)

Continue my story…

I was so nervous and keep SMS-ing with a strange face, (how stupid I am) I knew Jennifer found something fishy about it so I SMS to ST to let her know about it. Fail to the MAX! I just can’t stop being normal that time. *sigh*

I was like super funny, coz I want to record their face when the cake arrived but it seems like fail, coz I was way too stupid.
Our conversation,

ME: I want to record those late comers face and let them feel guilty. (what a stupid line I am saying)

Bee Yoke: Oh…Ok…

After few minutes,

Jennifer: where is the toilet har? I want go to the toilet.

I was so nervous like hell, coz the “late comers” were just to arrive. Gosh! I was so stupid until I said something stupid! *sweat*

ME: Eh, you don’t go first, let see how the late comers face look like *stupid* you don’t go…
(I was stopping Jennifer to go to the toilet. *sigh*)

Jennifer: I want to go la... later you record then let me see ok?

I quickly SMS to ST and said that Jennifer is going to the toilet. I’m really not good in lying! They like turning again, then finally Jennifer came back and I said something stupid again.

ME: EH, you came back first! *sigh*

Then they arrived just after some minutes….

Happy Birthday to the April baby (Bee Mou = "nose hair") and do you notice, there is no happy birthday in this cake? WAHAHA, coz the workers was too busy writing the words and forget to put it on. *sigh*
The white "angel" and birthday girl

PS: Shin didn't join us coz she have a stomachache. Take care, shin.

Ok, did I said we have lie to Bee Yoke and Jennifer? Yes, I DID!! *laughing* Ok, We also lie to En Ting and Lee Chin. How bad we are!

The black Couple!! WAHAHA...(don't angry!)

The traffic light!

The white "angel"
After the celebration, they was like wei, how you lie to people one, fail la...*laughing* Yes! I'm so fail. *sigh*
We really have great time together that night. *smile*
We have a group photo before end our gathering and it was midnight. As ST said we really getting old right now coz that night we were so tired and it was just 12am. *sigh*
Done some stupid stuff! WAHAHA...I'm the spoiler! YEAH!! ♥
PS: I'm going to have a gathering with Jennifer and Viki tonight, feel happy! ♥

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