Friday, January 7, 2011

The new begining 2011

New Year, new life, new banner!!
Well, I think I might the last person to blog about New Year’s resolution, I’ve done a lot for 2010, and I’m going to do better in 2011.

What I’ve done in 2010?

Let me check back all my photos *emm….*

January, I went MMU’s 13th New Year extravaganza, and I get the signature of famous magician, good start for 2010. We'd a farewell gathering for Jia Wei on the 30th of January!

February, Chinese New Year celebration with friends and family! Crazy four rounds for one gathering with friends!

March, my friend went to cyber to further her studies, and we miss her so much. My very 1st time get 104 point in bowling (that's was lame), celebrated Earth Hour with friends!

April, lots of friend's birthday in this months, which had made me broke. My very first time make a post for Nuffnang contest! and I get the prize. but sadly I gave up the tickets!

May, is the most memoriable month for 2010, coz tomodachi went Penang together, and that's the name come after the trip!

And viki intership eve with Jennifer and me!

June, We had a farewell gathering for Ting, coz she is going to Sabah that month!

Before she went to Sabah!

July, I've done nothing actually, but I've a wonderful girls gathering with Shinyi and Aiko, our secret garden recipe gathering!

August, sis graduated from MMU, and we attended her graduation day in Cyber, that's was the most busy time of my life. I've tried the newly produce burger from MCD, and I just realize I wrote this post on Ting's birthday! So coincidence! And not to be forget, I won a LG Cookies phone from Nuffnang contest, thank you Nuffnang once again!

September, Crazy on doing the Nuffnang contest for Iphone 4 , I didn't get anything for this contest, how sad!

October, Crazy on DIY stuff, bow rubber band DIY, hair band DIY, and My nail DIY!

November, I'd the most tiring month, coz I was a working committee for the Chinese Chess Tournament.

December is my month, but Imma home alone for a week, T________T, Ting came back for holidays, so Imma is happy!!!! They had celebrated my birthday for me as well (but I've not blog yet, sorry), bro celebrated my birthday too! I'd my very first gift exchange with tomo and friends!

Our exchanged gift!

WOW! While writing this post, I realize that I've a lot of fun from the begining to the end of the year! How cool is that! I'm looking forward to 2011!

My resolution for New Year was simple, that's is study hard and gain more, do as much thingy as possible, be a wonderful person! That's all!! Au revoir (bye)!