Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine day....

..... to you people!
Wish a happy valentine day for couple in the world. ( I have delay the wishes, sorry people)

I’ve not update my blog quite a long time, coz I’m so busy visiting my relative and getting ang pau from them. (I’m so “money face” again)
Hence, I’m going to blog about my first and second day of visiting. (There will be less word but more photos)

1st dayHave some fun at my grandma house... (opps! I mean uncle house)
we went there for our breakfast and lunch, aunty's food is so delicious as usual.First day outfit. It is kind of weird in this photo....

Hugging and kissing my little cousin- Jun Shen!! Love him so much...See!! Jun Shen is so damn cute here... *smile*
I love his BIG eyes, I hope that I will have one day, but it is impossible at all...JUN SHEN: Nah!! Give you some, sis!

Answer: SWEET!!! (This is given by my aunty actually)
Everyone was so happy to get it, coz it is so beautiful and colourful. (I don't like this kind of sweet actually, just took it so fun *evil laugh*) However, thank you to my aunty..
Everyone was so happy to get to eat the sweet.
Even my 3rd aunty was happy with the sweet. WAHAHAHAHA!
Photo session with my family.
With mimi... My hair so messy here. *sob*
With Blurlynn. Both of our hair is so messy. I love my high heel for this year, coz it is so cool.
RED mommy and son. (Jun Shen and Aunty)
Camwhore with Blurlynn.
Thus, end my first day of visiting. We were so tired after the visiting, but due to Chinese New Year, we have some gamble after the visiting. I lose! In fact, this year is not my year!!
2nd day!!!
Camwhore of the day
2nd day outfit. Quite satisfied with it. Love!
Me and Hui Hui (cousin)
Blurlynn, Hui Hui and me... Camwhore together.
Photo session for day 2
Me and mimi...
Mimi's pant so flowery...*evil laugh*

With Qi Qi (cousin too)
Do we alike? Many people said so, but I totally disagree!!
After capturing some photo, we went for visiting again, get ang pau!!
At night, we went out with cousins to visit my aunty. Before that, I have some photo with them.
Second day end just like that, quite boring actually...
End of day 2!!!
PS: I'm so lazy to update blog nowadays, so sorry for the late update. =]

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