Saturday, August 14, 2010

I in love with GCB !! ♥

I went MCD just now with two makan kaki, Viki and Jennifer, the only thing we meet up is EAT, always eat and chit-chat! Love it anyway…
The last outing was like the day before Viki’s intership, (almost 3 months, I guess) I miss those outing so much and today as well.
Since I was raving for GCB, so I go for GCB today. I was like I FINALLY GOT TO EAT IT, happy.

My Grill Chicken Burger! Grill, Gempa, .....and it's Gone!! WAHAHA... (You know what I'm saying, right?)
This cost me RM12.50, it is damn expensive can!? However, it tastes yummy, the chicken was so tender and the mayo was damm yummy. I love the mayo damn much.

The huge amount of french fries (3 packs combine together), I love it so much...*nom*
The two girl who love pepper and salt so much, they are spreading the pepper and salt alll around the french fries, and it is rather yummy. ( I always eat the original type rather than pepper and salt)
*nom nom*<3

I LOVE CGB, but I will try only once. I wouldn't go for the second time coz it is so expensive, and if I buy this set, I may buy 2 sets of Mc Value set. Well, I'm quite stingy anyway, why need to spend this kind of money for twice, right? Expensive food do not deserve for the second try- Lydia *WAHAHA....*


  1. wow... seems not bad... must try it out :)

  2. Ya...u must try is yummy...but quite expensive for me...

  3. wow your blog is so cute and its PINK which is my fav color haha love your header too

    yummy this burger is kinda ok to , my sisters hate it

    but i love MCD alot esp the french fries

  4. haha..the burger quite friend hate it as well...T.T
    pink is the most cutties colour in the world..hehe..