Monday, January 24, 2011

Loser on earth!

I spot this many times in Facebook, where a stupid fella wanted to let his dog to stand like a human being. Oh well, you will think it is nothing to teach a dog to stand, but the point is this fella is cruel, he hit and scold his dog frequently just to ask the dog to stand. WHAT  A STUPID FELLA ON EARTH! FAILURE! There is no wrong to teach a dog to stand, but failure please do not ever hit and scold your pet. If you want a pet, please do not bully or treat it like this, you'll regret. Do you know what is KARMA? You'll deserve what you treat to you pet! Ok, Now watch this video, and see how this failure treat his cute little poodle!

After watching this video, you'll think what on earth this fella is doing, but another video will let you scold something bad! @#$&**&^&  ( I beg you'll scold much more than me)

I really don't get what they are trying to do, they can even video up and show up in the public! OMG! They really think that it is good to show how to good they are, or how they train their pet, or how proud to be those cruel gang? Hey come on lah, don't ever think that it is super proud, coz you are the loser on earth!

They look so cute and yet you're bullying them. How cruel you are! Yea, now you'll be scolded by people out there!!! You're abusing your poodle and this is what you deserve : ( link that hd reported, good punishment to the stupid fella, hurray!)

Stupid BIG BULLY, go away! Don't ever stay on earth!


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