Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home Alone

I've been home alone for 5 days last week!! Oklah, its actually 4 days 3 night home alone coz my uncle came back and he brought me out for like 2 days, so consider 4 days 3 night home alone. LOL..

Well, I've been home alone because of my midterm exam, due to this stupid exam I lost my chance to go "explore" Alor Setar, and attend my cousin wedding, stupid midterm exam. And the paper was like freaking tough for me, my heart break into pieces, feel like 100kg stone smack me, feel like I'm in the dark. T________T

I shouldn't make you guy feel as mooding as I am, so I'm going to change a good mood here to share my 2 days outing with my uncle and aunty. You may change your mood now....

The day when my family went Alor Setar, uncle brought me, his family and aunty to a newly found nyonya food at Melaka Raya. And it called AMY Heritage Nyonya Cuisine.

Camwhore in the shop, this is what I usually do when I first step in the shop. You may called me as Camwhore queen, camwhore freak or whatsoever. I don't care! *evil laugh*

It has many detail thingy in this shop, this is the decoration of the shop, it is a bakul for marriage! So tiny and cute.

Like father like son.
 This 2 cuties were damn smart when come to make others happy, they kiss their parents, so cute of them.

and they love camera so much as usual...
first shoot!

second shoot -blurry post! WAHAHA...

To be frank, we waited quite long for the food to be served,
Here you go for the food! So sorry for those who not having their breakfast, lunch or dinner.
 Fish with sauce? I've no idea what the name actually.

 Their signature dish- pong teh! The most important dish in Nyonya family, and my mom knew how to cook it. WAHAHA....

Tau fu with tau chu, normal and yum.

 Again another must to be ordered food, cha chai (mixed vege)

Eggs with small shrimp. In fact I love this the most though it is super duper normal.

Top hat or pai ti
and is a must to be with this sauce
 NAH! This sweet and sour chili sauce.

Our dessert for the day - the infamous Nyonya Cendol. Their cendol was home-made, so as you can see it is kind of in the cube look rather than the long long type. Yummilicous rate 10/10!

So, as I mentioned that this shop was super detail, they use this bakul to serve the rice, how creative they are! And you know what, my aunty said HEY! NEXT TIME IF WE HAVE PARTY, WE MAY DO THIS AT HOME AS WELL, SO CREATIVE LEH. (true but funny) *laughing non-stop*

 After this, we went Jusco coz my two cousins were a shopping freak, they love shopping thought they were just 4 and 2 years old.

playing around with them at the Jusco center. So fun!

They are camwhore freak as well!

The next day when I woke up, I already see this two kids were active and keep asking me to play with them. OMG! I'm getting old right now, coz I feel damn tired and yet they were damn energetic. T_______T

After our breakfast, we went Qing Yun Ting as usual.
 And I played with this kid since his parents aka my uncle were busy praying, and chasing after his brother. WAHAHA...

Then, we went Jonker to have some stuff in San Shu Gong!  My uncle bought that cap for them, it is so cute, it can be a normal cap or cap with fan and sun glasses! So cute right!?

normal snap shoot for my blog!

again! A normal one...snack all over the place! I miss it so much, I want snacks!

 I love their vegetable snack, it is damn yummilicious...uncle bought me that, you will see it in the last pic, be patient.

Jusco "go green" Snow man, it is made of recycled bottle. I love it to the max!
And I tweet and FB before this, and most of them like it. Thank!

With the snow man!

They love this damn much, but sadly it is out of service!

My lunch of the day was Kenny Rojer! Dam miss it!

My cutie cousin was trying to make a pistol or gun or chiang or whatever! so cute!

Then this cutie asked me a funny question
Jun Jie: Lydia Jie Jie, like this also want to snap?
Lydia: HAHA...then you want take photo or not?
Jun Jie: I want! *peace*

Funny right, at first asked me why I'm going to snap photo, then after that ask me to snap photo of him. He really is a photo freaky, trained by his dad, I guess!

My food! OMG! I really feel hungry right now. (I'm going to have my dinner later T________T )

After this, we went for dessert since aunty has a birthday coupon from Jusco. We went for BASKIN ROBIN babe! It's Baskin Robin, OMGLY! I'm freak out man~ So ice-creamilicous!

After my lunch, my aunty called us and told us that she bought us lunch, WHAT?? Then it has became our dinner after that!
They bought lots of snack for me to heal my boredness, but I did not finish up due to my exam mood, *cry* and I left some after my family have came back home. However, I don't wish to share with them, coz they have so many good food out there in Alor Setar and I've just bread and oat as my meal (my bad! I lazy to buy food from stall, coz I've no time and mood to do so), so NOT FAIR, I DONT WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!! WAHAHA....(okla, I did share some with them, I'm not that stingy ok?)

I've been send back home at night, and my home alone begin!!

That's how I spent my 2 days 1 night with my uncle....

The rest of the day was BOOK, SLEEP, EAT....BOOK>>>SLEEP>>>>EAT.... (DAM!)

P.S: I'm going to meet up Ting later on with bunch of best friends. I'm excited right now, going to prepare for it. Stay tuned for that post ya! I'll post it as soon as possible!

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