Sunday, March 21, 2010

104 point!!

Ok, today is the day where we have our FAR midterm exam, this paper drag me to hell for sure.
Coz I have use the wrong amount and yet still didn’t notice it until the last minutes, damn! I’m sure to have a low mark for this paper!! DAMN IT!!

Well, I should forget and don’t think of it since it is a past test!

Therefore, I went home and start to on my facebook and leave comment for about 2 hours. THAT”S GREAT! I feel so relax after leaving comment and watch so funny movie!

About 6pm, Jennifer message and told me that DP is having performance (ok, it is at MAHKOTA PARADE actually), so I follow her to MP!

What I do was, call Shin Yi to meet up with us, and she did it!
Thus, we went bowling coz Jennifer is craving for that for a long time. After changing the shoes. *swt* I have waste RM2 just for that stupid sock for one game! Next time we should plan before we go. This is the first time I have self-caption with Agnes (Jennifer's sister). She is so damn cute right?? With the most "sampated" girl in the world- Yun Chee. (sorry girl)

It's bowling time!! ILOVE IT SO MUCHHH.........
Sweey couple! They are so sweet. Whenever I have lunch with them, the GIRL didn't need to do anything ( I mean order food), the BOY will do it for her automatically. Sweet right?
After the game!! What I get was...
OMG! The very first time I got 104 point in bowling game! I'm so freaking happy of it and keep captured the photo of that mark. *childish*
With NG's family...
OK, fine! I'm the only one who look at the camera. *again*
Oh yeah! Our (Jennifer and me) found friend- ZY (guy sit besides me)
Nowadays, girl are so complicated! WAHAHAHA (They gonna kill me soon)
This is the only one girl group photo excluded Yun Chee in my camera *sad*
YEAH YEAH! My Pepsi float!
Caution: do not order this if you are very full ! you will feel disgusting while drinking that!
After some "process", its became NESCAFE!! Yucks~

About 10.40pm, we end our small “gathering”.
While we were walking to Jennifer’s car, something funny happened! The place which Jennifer had parked the car was a dark street with those Malay guys! We were quite scare of those guys, I mean if they are robbery or homosexual, normal people will scare right? Thus, what we do was, walk as fast as we can to avoid it. However, when we walk so damn fast, those guys were like laughing at us coz of our way of walking. (Mostly people will laugh, coz it is so damn funny)

Besides that, Jennifer’s sister keeps on asking us to look at the car and tree coz she scare those robbery will hide themselves at those places. (What a cute girl she is) After we had reached Jennifer’s car, me and her sis were shouting and asked Jennifer to open her car as soon as possible! And we are safe!! WAHAHA…….
The 3 of us!! Funny + sampated!!
Me and Jennifer. Do you notice that she had a hair cut?? Cute?? She looks young with this hair style! *thumb up*Me and The NG's family....

My mom fetched me at Jennifer's house, and while we were waiting for my sis, I forced my mom to have a photo with me...
The end result!!

I love this photo.....Me and MIMI!!

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