Thursday, February 4, 2010


I’m so happy! I’m so happy! I’m so happy!!
When I mentioned the third time, it means I really very happy right now!!

Why I’m so happy? (You guys are guessing right?)
I’m so happy because I have a signature of an international magician and mask changer! Can you imagine how happy I am now? This is so unbelievable! I feel like I’m dreaming right now!!

I mean NOW!!They both are so cool. ( Please note that, they wrote my name here, I'm so happy)

Let's me introduce both of them to all of you!!

Champion of the Malaysian magic competition 2007. A highly competitive competition with judges, Leow Fee Loong (President of IBM Ring 373 & AMA Malaysia), Sonny Hew (creator of Feather Magic) and Alex Lim (Master of close-up magic).
This year (2009), Mark and Pinky again captured the judges' attention and went on to being placed 2 nd runner up in the prestigious Asia magic competition in collaboration with the famous “Let's Do Magic” TV show held at Tropicana City Mall and were also nominated as the most promising magicians.
In 2003, Mark started to work as a children's entertainer and gained vast experiences communication with his audience.
Mark's spectacular, dynamic and classical magic performance will take you on a whirlwind ride of magical illusion whether on stage or up close. The experience is simply unique, unforgettable and best of all, totally magical!

Malaysia 's First Female Mask Changing Act.
Pinky Loo became Malaysia 's first female magician performing the enchanting mask changing act at the tender age of 16.Mask Changing, also known as " Bian Lian" was originally part of the Si Chuan Opera, and is considered one of China 's most elusive performing art.In fact, it was even considered by the Chinese government as a national secret.

In 2006 Mark met his partner, Pinky Loo, and together, they began to develop a new act. Pinky admits that "magic threw my whole notion of dance and performance on its head" as the unpredictability and intensity of magic presented her with a whole new set of challenges. The result of their hard work is stunning when they perform together on stage.
Mark and Pinky, call their team name THE VIVAS . Their fusion of dance, illusion, comedy, and close-up magic in finely choreographed routines is groundbreaking. To see them together on stage is to watch a wonder of moving poetry.
The Vivas' magic globe-trotting performances at International Magic Conventions and Special Events have taken them to Singapore , Indonesia , Thailand , China , Macau, The Maldives and Hong Kong ...

PS: For more information click HERE

Love magic so much!!
Hope to see their performance next time.


TADA!! Take photo with Mark!! He gave me that card and sign it for me too. Thank you very much. You are the best!! ( Pinky Loo as well)

PS: I'm sad because I look so ugly here. *sob*

Honestly, I think Mark is quite handsome and he is a nice guy too!! I'm kind of crazy right now. (ignore my craziness)

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