Friday, November 26, 2010

9th Chinese Chess Tournament, Food Divison Adventure

I was damn busy nowadays, I mean really busy, but I don’t really know what I was busying, coz nothing has been done by me actually. *sigh* I am so damn fail.
Ok, I’m really busy last weekend, coz Chinese Chess Tournament was held on last weekend, and I’m the working committee of this event, so now you can imagine how busy I’m.

Well, on Saturday, I woke up early in the morning, and prepare to be on time in school, but then I’m kinda too early that day. When I reached school, nobody was there, WTH!? Then I waited for around 15 min, and finally somebody (shinyi) came. *relief*
I was assisting for food division, yeah FOOD division; we need to prepare for every single food for those chess players, committees and even the VIP! We’re the most important food division.
As you can see, this is our schedule for the whole event, and our part was just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus, we are so called the most relax yet important division ever. WAHAHA.. 

We need to prepare breakfast early in the morning for those players and committee (as I mentioned just now), so what we've prepare for breakfast?

 Butter bread, the tastes was unsatisfied by most of them. I still satisfied with it anyhow, coz I'm damn hungry! *evil laugh*

 And VILO ( VICO + MILO). I love the taste, coz it is thick enough, and everyone love it as well.

According to our director, some of the players do not like to eat that much in the morning, coz they scare they will feel uneasy while competing with their enermy. ( so we prepare Bread and VILO)
 Playing around with the bread we prepared!

 Our group photo without guys.

I'm very hardworking, studying for Japanese while doing my job. WAHAHA.....

We snaped photo, played around in the canteen, talked with each other and even read Japanese and etc. for like one hour, and yet non of them take their breakfast from us,  we were wondering. After that, we knew that everything has been delay! sweat to the max! WHAT ON EARTH THEY WERE DOING?

After this, we headed to Kampung Lapan to take the lunch box from the economic rice shop.
 While Jennifer and I were waiting for Shinyi to join us, we camwhore as usual!

The economic rice shop owner was so damn good, she treated us a cup of cicau water, and she promised to give us the food that we like. AWESOME! Thank ya.

Then, we headed back to school to prepare orange juice for them. We are so damn busy and yet.....somebody complaint about us. WTH!??

Pour the left over VILO to the heater, so that the rest can drink it, and yet they complaint! Do you see what we do for the whole event? We played, we talked, but WE WORKED TOO, OK?

 With the sampated yun chee.

The lunch box we brought all over from Kampung Lapan. WAHAHA...

Presented our lunch on Saturday! Economic rice with tofu skin, long bean and rendang chicken. It costs only RM2.50 per pack, so damn cheap.

Camwhore around in the canteen. We're free after distributed the food to them. NOW, WE'RE FREE OK?
The most suffering moment is that we're so damn hungry, but we need to wait until all of them to finish up their food, only we are able to take our lunch. This is so suffering, and yet...COMPLAINT NON-STOP!! *grumpy*

We went the rest room for some reason ( I forget about it, sorry), everyone was so damn sleepy and cold.
Note: As you can see Jennifer was sleeping, coz she was sick that day, pity her.

 We were freezing inside, so we went out and took Yuqun's spec to fool around. WAHAHA..
My photo of the day!

 Playing around with the spec, I love it so much..

camwhore with it, and I've promised I'll change my Facebook profile photo to this. I CHANGED STRAIGHT AWAY WHEN I UPLOADED THOSE PHOTO.  

Before we are going to take our dinner, snap photo non-stop.

 We are talented in acting!!!! *laughing*
Everyone love the spec so much.

 normal one!

Then, Jennifer and Esther went to take the dinner and the rest of us make drink for them.

Our dinner on Saturday was pok choi, sambal prawn and chun juan with rice.
When I captured this photo, one of the funny High Committee, max said" like this also want to take photo?"
WAHAHA....Coz I'm a blogger!!

Again, complaint about the food which is too spicy for them . *sigh* We're not guardian of everyone you know? We can't make thingy as perfect as possible, we can't care everyone in this event, we're not perfect either.

After dinner, our food division may go home and the rest still need to leave there for the event. GREAT!

I can go Jonker with my family...
 Then, my mom said wanted to eat the Asam Laksa, and I wanted to eat Cendol, so we went for it.
Left: Cempedak cendol. It tastes awesome. *thumb up up up*
Right: Durian cendol. Nice!

But I still prefer cempedak one! Superb!!!!

Sunday ( The continuous of the event)
I'm the first one to reach there on Sunday morning, where those late birds? I was wondering..

So, I on my lappie, and starts to ONLINE! ( To cure my boredness) I'm lucky that I get to online event I didn't register from MMU! How great is while I was waiting for them to reach, I stalk others Facebook, weibo or blog. WAHAHA....I'm the biggest stalker!

Then, Jennifer asked me to snap all the place, since those high high comm haven't reach!
 The Chinese Chess for those player.

The prizes! Woohoo...can I get the most high up one?

The leave to decorate the place. WAHAHA....

Trained my skill, Jennifer is my master!

I'm the pretend MC Lydia Kang!!!!!!

 And the pretend VIP

 This is what Jennifer and I love to do when come to photo!!!!

 The competition table..SCARY!

Camwhore around with the beautiful background...
I love the background so damn much!!!!!!

 Then we online after distributed the breakfast for those player, and most of them reject coz they have their breakfast outside. Sweat to the max, probably because they dislike our breakfast. T_____T

After this, we headed to prepare their lunch at 10 something in the morning.
 I'm incharging the VIP food and drink, so while I was waiting for them to buy some fruit for the VIP, CAMWHORE of coz.

We were so damn busy in the morning, coz most of the vegetarian food store did not open on Sunday, how unlucky we are. However, we found a small vegetarian food store in Bukit Baru after searching for hours. Thank GOD!  I feel so sorry for those vegetarians people.


Our lunch on Sunday!
Again and again.... now they complaint that it is just like vegetarian, no taste! WTH!?? WHAT YOU GUYS WANT HAR? FIRST, YOU GUY SAID IT IS SPICY, SO ASKED THE LADY BOSS NOT TO PUT CHILI, THEN NOW YOU GUY COMPLAINT NO TASTE??

Please be thankful you have food to eat, if you guys are poor you guys will be the most pity poor people in the earth!!!!! Shame on you guys only!

Shinyi and I went back home to prepare for the VIP food. We're freaking busy ok? Stupid complaint dude!
 We are pretend to be VIP!

The VIP food we have prepared! The plates are from my house, my mom love those plates so much, it is our house precious party plate, just use it when there is party. WAHAHA......

I love portugis tart so much...must get some of it next time!

Our group photo with our precious MC WAHAHA...
He is damn angry with those HIGH COMM...They should know who they are!

Then, the event end, I didn't attend for the post protocol coz my stomach was like OMGLY pain!! However, after I went back, I went out with my family (since they have not see me for the last 2 days). We went JUSCO!!!

 And I saw this recycled bottle snow man in JUSCO, I was like so proud of them, they go green!

The purpose we went Jusco is to buy my mom's clothes for my cousin's Wedding Dinner which I can't attend this coming Tuesday at Alor Star! Sorry ah wei koko...

My mom bought a beautiful scarf for this wedding dinner...And I love it...
Sweater : from Uniclo
Scarf : leopard print from jusco...LOVE!

End of my two days working committee job.
First, I was happy to work with my leaders and work committee aka friends! We're friends indeed, so much fun with them....I miss those days in foundation again...WAHAHA...

second, I knew a lot of people in the event especially those funny high committee..

Third, I do not know why somebody hate our group work committee? *sigh* please tell me!!!

Last but not least, I'm done with my

PS: Gonna prepare for my midterm exam, and something great is that Ting is coming back to Melaka, and Jia Wei is in Melaka ..Yahoo!! Outing people!

If you feel interested, please NANG for it, thank you~


  1. i should wrote my big name on the japanese note...=P i wanna knw why ppl hate our group?!tell me!!!!!!!

  2. Every thing is very nice, except those Polystyrene cups -__-
    Where did you get those Portuguese egg tarts? Looks nice, mine favorite is from Bukit Beruang pasar malam

  3. y-square, ya..I think so...the polystrene cup very irritating, but my director asked us to use it..too bad!! the tart is at Tesco King bakery..haha..
    Jennifer, haha...but u didnt wrote it..too bad...
    i also wanted to know as well