Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nail DIY

I always wanted to do nail DIY, but I've no skill in doing that. T_________T
However, I do it great this time.
TADA! My nail DIY!
This is what I've learned from one blogger, all you need to do is use a sponge to do it! *easy*

Any two types of nail polish colour (dark and light colour)
nail polish remover (if you get wrong, you may do it again)
SPONGE (The most important material for this nail DIY)

Then, apply the base colour (lighter colour), wait it dry. After this, you may apply the second colour on your nail (the darker colour). As soon as you have apply the dark colour, use sponge to mix up the colour together comtinuously (do until you've satisfy then you may stop doing it.).

Still blur? (well, I've explanation skill, sorry)

I've a new nail DIY!!

PS: Waiting for tomo to come my house and have nail DIY! *smile*

Another photo for my DIY! *show off*

nang for it, thank you!

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