Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last day of 2010


Last day of 2010 was the most memorable day in 2010, because I’d a small gift exchange with Tomodachi, and the very first time went to San Francisco steak house.
The day before that, tomo and I were discussing where to go for the gift exchange, and have lunch together. So since San Francisco Steak house has a cheap promotion for poor student like us who want to try something EXPENSIVE, we decided to go there for lunch!
However, the day was a “surprise” for whole Malaysian, coz Prime Minister had declared it’s a public holiday due to our Malaysia Football team won a game while beating with Indonesia team (something like that). All right! What a good decision har! We can’t get our promotion lunch on that day!!!! T________T

*pocket is bleeding*
 A super random photo captured by me! Lame!
When we reached there, I told Jennifer that IT'S A MUST TO CAPTURE EVERY SINGLE THINGY IN THIS SHOP for the first visit (or maybe the last visit). As I said, my pocket is bleeding, it's to pricey for me indeed!

 Our side dish- bread with garlic paste! (it's a side dish with our main course, I guess)
It's yummilicious, but it depends on your taste actually, coz Ting doesn't likey!

See! This is what I mentioned just now, capture every single thingy in this steak house! WTH!?

The uber normal lemon tea!

Jennifer- the 1st lady to eat the garlic bread!

Why everyone so serious when doing this??

Including me! WTH!?

After this, our main course arrived!
 Ting- Maryland chicken RM19.90. It's kinda in a large portion, so quite worth it in this case! The chicken was crispy in the outside, and tender in the inside! I personally love it!

Mine- I've no idea what it called as. RM 19.90. For large eater, this is kinda small portion for you. However, this is so yummilicious with the BBQ sauce though the chicken was a little bit dry!

Jennifer & Bee - fish N chips RM19.90. I love the mayo so much..

Mine! I love their food decoration, looks so yummy.

And Ting with the very large portion of Maryland chicken!

Sharing is caring! We share our portion with each other, so that everyone get to taste it. WTH?
I love Maryland chicken the most, coz the crispiness attracted me!

The gifts we prepared! Guess what? The cost of the white polka dot bag just RM 0.99, OMG! Why Melaka doesn't have this kind cheap thingy? I want it, coz it is easier for me to wrap present for everyone!

The only photo of Bee in my camera ( I mean while we at the steak house)

We end up spending a lot in Steak House, T_____T we are damn budget person, we wouldn't have lunch in such an expensive place, but since it is the last day of 2010, we did it. *gonna save money from now on*

Gift exchange started
Location: My house, my sis's room! WAHAHA....
Time: after our lunch, around 2 something. *evil laugh*
Participant: Ting, Me, Jennifer and Bee!

This two was so funny, they were way tooooo excited! Obviously it is Jennifer and Bee! (WHAT? You can't see clearly? Whatever!)

My exchanged gift- WOW! It's LOUIS VUITTON!! I'm soooo excited!

My gift for Jennifer! Do you likey?

 Ting for Bee!

Jennifer for Ting!

Unwrapped the gift!
 The toughest job for me, coz something fishy for my gift! LOUIS VUITTON???

The process of unwraping my gift, spent around 8 minutes just to open up my gift! Bee wrapped with tons of news paper and boxes, but I enjoy it! Guess what I get? Scroll down and you will know!

 Bee gift from Ting- a lace belt!

 Ting's gift- 52 pieces of Anodes chocolate. Ting may eat it in Sabah when she miss Jennifer or us! WAHAHA...

My gift for Jennifer is a LONG SKIRT she dream for it. ( But why you look so unhappy here?)

MY GIFT!! I'm kidding (?) or Bee was kidding, it's not LV product or what! However, I likey so much!

After Gift exchange, it's time for another draw. This is for next year!
 Thus, we have the time to figure out what gift should we buy for the person we choose!  I can say is that I'll take revenge on the gift received, I may use lots of news paper as well! WAHAHA...for the person who I'd chosen, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!

 Ting bought us Sabah souvenir!

All of us get one too! Thank you, babi (babe)! WAHAHA...

I've a wonderful day outing with tomodachi though it would be the last day for us to meet each other in 2010. WAHAHA... But I really appreciated every moment we hang around.

Well, I'm going to end this post right now, Au revoir!

PS: I'm going to straighten my hair again! The very last time I straighten my hair was like in 2009!! (WOW! It's way too long from now on)


  1. gift exchange on the last day of the year.. quite interesting.. is it related to xmas? haha.. my last day of 2010.. hmm.. boring :P

  2. ya...actually we are going to exchange when it is xmas, but something happened, so we change our plan..haha...

  3. Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

  4. Thank for visiting here.... i seldom use google chat...sorry!