Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday celebration part 1 ♥

 I woke up early in the morning (around 6.45am), and went Dim Sum with my sis and Lewis while we fetched my mom to bus stop (my mom is going to Kuala Selangor).

Thus, treat them Dim Sum for the gift that they gave me (as a return), WAHAHA…
Yummilicious Dim Sum we ate in the morning.

Around 1pm, headed to Jusco with tomodachi for something (will blog it in the next post)

I’m freaking tired now, but I somehow need to update this post now.

 My bro was expectedly celebrated my birthday in Nadeje ( coz he broke the secret by himself), but something unexpected is Yun Chee is coming! *happy*

My birthday cake. The birthday cake was like damn sweety and cute, but those words spoilt the cake "success to keep fit" *speechless* Ok, I'll make it success!

I'm officially 20 right now. WOW! I got shocked that I'm 20 right now, how old I am! After 10 years will be 30 year old...OMG! I'm freaking old right now, gonna be more mature more, and tomodachi have done something mature on me, I'll will update in the next post!

My delayed birthday celebration! Thank to sweet you are! *cold*

This girl attended my birthday celebration, I'M  DAMN SURPRISE!

 Wishing something good happen this year or maybe next year since this year is going end soon. Time really flied damn fast, 2010 is going end like 2 weeks later! O.M.G

My bro was like hey, Lydia SMILE AS BIG AS YOU CAN! So funny right? He thought he is using a DSLR lol.

 Blowing the candler...

Cutting the cake!

 and I'm going to conquer the piece of cake! Opps. I'll bare in mind that I'll keep fit! Ok!!

The piece of Japanese pizza. I don't really like it actually coz it is quite weird.

After the celebration, we went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan.
 And the four super camwhore persons went crazy on camwhore! WAHAHA..

I shall say 2 camwhore freak!

We were damn happy with the lighting at the fitting room out there.

Scary mode ON please!
The decoration nowadays in Melaka was kinda fail, coz there is no Christmas feel at all around Melaka, but then I have feel right now, coz something will be on that day...will updaye the post when it happen. I Promise!

My bro decided to introduce the "Disco Teh" to Lewis and Yun Chee, then we headed to there!
The funniest thing is that Lewis though "disco teh" was a kind of tea from Disco places. WAHAHA...*laugh non-stop*

Disco teh = three layer tea!

PS: I was damn happy today, coz tomodachi have given me a big surprise for the birthday celebration. A REAL BIG SURPRISE! I'll definitely post up what they have gave to me! OMG! I love tomodachi damn much. ♥


  1. hahaha surprise hor~
    actly i want go there eat cakes oni~
    shun bian help u celebrate~
    just a coincidence!!!

  2. shun bai?? yer...u no heart! T____________T