Friday, May 21, 2010

WHY had came back from Penang!!!

I’m back to Melaka in this morning at 5.30am, it is quite fast coz the bus reached Melaka in less than 6 hours. The driver might be very rushing for something. *sweat to the max*

Well, something happened to me right now, that is, I fell down from bus! When I m carrying my friend bag I over step the stair and fell down just like that, I’m way to clumsy sometimes. My aunty said I’m so suey (bad luck) these days, coz first when I haven’t go Penang, I lost my purse, and then now fell down from the bus. My foot is so swollen and pain. I’m gonna see doctor I guess, but nobody at home. T.T
Done with my bad luck stuff, now talk about my trip to the Pearl of the Orient- Penang. We, WHY gang spent our 102 hours in Penang and we had utilized these 102 hours to the max. We went lots of places which we found in the Penang map, that’s was the greatest and most tired moment we had. (Especially for Jennifer our tour guide, coz she really spent a lot of time seeing the map, thank you Jennifer)

First page of the map! We went lots pf place through this little map.
second page of the map! Although this map is small but it is so convenience and useful. You may have this map at Komtar or any shopping mall in Penang. I have it at Komtar shopping mall and Queenbay mall.

Most of the places were quite historical just like our Melaka, but their place are much more historical than us, especially those 100++ years building. (Will upload those photos later)
The post card from Khoo Kongsi. The place was so nice, will blog in other post. Stay Tuned!
The entrance ticket cost RM5 per person. It is quite worth.
The most important is that I finally went the toilet restaurant at Queenbay mall, quite disappointed actually coz it didn’t came out what I’ve expected months ago.

Oh yeah! Penang people introduced us to go to the world largest toy museum and Kota Lama Indian Mee and coconut shake. They are so friendly and they will show you the direction or way to go to the place. Thank a lot!
Flyers. We got this when we will in a temple, the lady gave and asked us to pay a visit at there and we did it! The place was full of toys!

We really have fun at Penang, it is a memorable moment in my end of first year degree. I hope we will have this kind of trip again.

I feel so exhausted right now, coz of the early wake up for the few days. We always wake up at 5am to catch up with the bus and breakfast, that’s was a new stuff for me coz I never had this kind of journey before. We had a FUN + EXHAUSTED Journey in Penang.
I think I'm going to stop now! Stay Tuned for more photo post. We have like 1500 photos for this trip, quite surprise!
PS: I haven't get the photo so no Penang post until I get it! Toodle..

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