Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farewell gathering part 1

There will be two parts of Jia Wei’s farewell gathering because there are too many photos and videos need to be uploading! If I put of the video and photos in one post, you people might be scolding me and spam my blog. Am I right? So, for your convenience, I should post it in two posts. But anyway, it is not that important.

Well, today we had a small farewell party for Jia Wei who is going to study at New Zealand for 3 years. (In exact, it is 2 and a half year) thus, Jia Wei, himself had chosen Seoul Garden as a place for us to have fun with him.

This is the second time I went to Seoul Garden and the first time with friends. It is a good experience with friends.

Before we went there, we met our long-time-no-see friend, Su Ann, it is quite sometimes we met each other in school, so have a short chat with her and later we go on to our small gathering or party, whatsoever.

We reached Seoul Garden around 6.30pm, and straight away have our food on time!
Have some photo with the logo, this is what we usually do it!!
See!! Shi Ting was so hungry and hope to eat something delicious!! (not exactly)
Our food arrived!!
WOW!! We took quite a lot of food today, simply because I'm so hungry after some chat with Su Ann. I love the CLAM so much, it is so fresh and tasty!! However, the most popular fish was quite disgusting for me. Sorry!!
closed up!! It looks so tastier now. *smile*

The food was cooked and we started to eat!!

It is quite boring when we just eat and eat and eat, right? Thus, Bee Yoke came out a brilliant and fun food cooking competition.
The rule was…
1. Each person need to prepare their own ingredient from there and cook it with their ingredient. 2. Those ingredients must be taken from Seoul Garden food place. No outsider food.
3. Nobody can help the contesters
4. Each contester cannot cheat!! (this is the most important rule)

We didn’t follow the entire rule actually coz….
You people will know why after watching the video. (Will post on tomorrow)
The first group of contesters – Bee Yoke and Jennifer
The main ingredient is Mee and “Dong Fen”
And they present us the most tasty food!! I mean it is not as tasty as those in the restaurant but it is so tasty for me. They really a good cooker, especially Bee Yoke. She can cook a lot of food indeed! However, the winner for this round was Jennifer. ( Video will post on tomorrow)
Second group of contesters - Jia Wei and Shi Ting.
The main ingredient was RICE!!
They are going to cook fried rice!! Cool!
The second group present us fried rice!
UP-Jia Wei. It looks so normal yet the taste was so delicious. He is so damn professional in cooking.
Down- Shi Ting. Don't judge food by it's apperance (Jennifer said that). WAHAHA. Shi Ting, don't be sad, your fried rice is quite nice, but you need to put more salt!! *smile*
(video will post on tomorrow)
Dessert time!! My beautiful creation.
This is the fail one. It is quite fail and tasteless with ice!! At last we throw away the ice and left the ice in the soup. Quite disgusting actually.

Love Clam so much and started to have some photo with it.
Did it looks familiar to you people??
YES!! This is the same pose from my previous post except I am using clam as the decoration of my eyes. *evil laugh*
Okay, if you are going to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you may do so before you scroll down, because I’m going to present the most disgusting photo ever.

Are you ready for this ??

Aren’t you feeling well now??

Do you really ready for this now?

If ready….then you may scroll down!!
Tada!! The most disgusting photo of mine!!
Food stuff in my mouth!! *laughing*
Do you feeling well now? If not, I'm so sorry!!
Photo with Jia Wei. Will be miss him coz he is not going to come back for about one year, I guess. Coz it is quite expensive for him to fly back to Malacca.
Group reflected photo. This is quite blury actually.
This is much more clearer!! Love this photo the most.

We have a lot of fun moment at there, and it is quite remarkable. When we gonna have this kind of gathering again??
Probably next year or the year after next year......

Love Seoul Garden gathering.

PS: Will post up the entire video tomorrow, stay tuned!!

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