Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bow rubber band DIY

Well, nowadays Jennifer and I were crazy on DIY stuff, what we’re done few days ago was DIY hair band which I’ve learn at a TV show, it’s kinda easy to make up! Steps refer to Jennifer’s blog (coz I forgot to snap all the step, sorry)
After this, I spot a blogger, violet make a simple bow by using threat and needle. I kinda attracted, and take it as a challenge!
A bow rubber band! (useful for hair bun decoration)

The process as shown below!!! 
At first, cut out a ribbon (the length depend on how long you want), then fold in bow shape (like the pic above). Next, sew between the fold part.

Tighten up the part that have been sew. (make it look as a bow)
 Then cut a piece of ribbon, fold it up.

Then sew it with the bow which have prepare just now. (be patient while doing this)

Before the bow is ready, you should adjust the bow in it shape, so that it looks like a bow shape!
 TADA! Out come of the bow!

Next, use a rubber band (can buy it in any accessories shop), glue it with UHU glue or elephant glue.
 Then, secure it with hand, so that it is attach properly with the bow.
Lastly, the bow rubber band is ready to use!

You may tight a hair bun, then use this bow rubber band to decorate! *smile*

The material is all available is any accessories shop, and it costs cheaper than the one you buy in the shop! *serious*

We did some survey in New Jusco, so it is good to DIY rather than buy from other stall! *advising*

NANG for it, thank you!