Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We will miss you!

I’ve just read my friend’s blog about one of our friend. It is so damn sad when I read it, tear drop immediately, especially when she mentioned about the business project we had done together, this really make my tear drop.

In case you didn’t read my blog, it is a business project we done last year. It is very tough project indeed.

It is part of our memories.
What she said is true!
Life is full sad separation. Although it is sad, we should go for it!

A friend of mine is going to leave us and further her studies in Cyber. It is a sad case. As what my friend said although we are not so close to each other but the sadness comes from our heart without our notice. “It” just appeared!!

The moment she told me that she is going to leave us and further her studies in Cyber, the memories between she and I popped up immediately.

It just reminds me the days we hanging around, doing the business project and presentation, and eating lunch together. Although it is the toughest days we ever have, but these days are so memorable. I wouldn’t forget all of it. The day we wake up so early and start to sell the product, the day we went to her house and cooked.

We will miss her so much indeed! Hope she will be fine in Cyber.

Photo- 2009

Everything came so sudden. =[

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