Thursday, December 9, 2010

Imma is happy!

I said I’ll update this post really soon, so I didn’t lie to you people, I did it as fast as possible.

Well, yesterday was the day to gather with Ting since she came back Melaka like 3 days back (yet we did not gather =___=). Thus, we went for her long-time no-eat satay celup at Ong Kim Wee, but sadly just 4 of us in this gathering.

Ting was complaint that why just 3 of us celebrated her return to Melaka, where the rest of them (ok, they may be studying, sleeping, schooling or whatsoever event stuff, so ting, just 3 of us loh)

We at Ong Kim wee chit-chatting, and then somebody came out breaking news, so all of us were like the next stop is going to be a wifi place! WHERE?

I suggested Dynasty!! Sorry Bee, we did not wait for you!

The place was so in Japaneses or china (?) feel, I was in love with this place, so I introduce to they all, and surprisingly they love it as well. ya?  Ok, their service was quite weird actually, why speak cantonese to me? I'm not a KL or Selanjor or Ipoh people? I don't know cantonese (or I know some of them, but I don't speak ok!), so stop speaking cantonese with us! You may speak english or malay, just don't speak cantonese. My friend will freak out with it!

 Ting was enjoying with their "chair" or pillow!

Me too! I finally got the chance to snap some photo in this Dynasty, coz the very last time I went this place was with my sis and her friends, I feel damn uncomfortable, coz they will dam behave themselve which is good, but in my case they will just pretend to be good! O.M.G! Come on! Enjoy yourself as much as you can in this full of feeling place. WAHAHA....

 and you may sleep as well! I think she is tired right now.

This Mr. was busying with his Iphone 4, coz he is the source of  gossip! *evil laugh*

Everybody who own a Iphone4 was like damn busy with their stuff non-stop FB, even when dining time. We saw lots of people were actually playing their Iphone 4 while having their satay celup. O.M.G! They make me dam envy you know! I want own a BB!

Gossip time start! Everyone was excited when Wang has successfully connected the wifi! *Happy*

ok! Calling somebody to have some source! WAHAHA....
We're awesome gossip group! I love everytime gathering with them, coz breaking news non-stop!

 I asked Jennifer not to move, so that I may capture the photo of her while busy finding source! What a funny moment.

Well, breaking news was private, now introduce my drink. Honey dew snow ice, I love it, but Ting said the honey dew has a fake taste (of coz).

My love drink from now on. WAHAHA...

The not recomended ice-kacang, ABC!! Too sweet for me.

So, is this place great for friend gathering? I definitely say YES, coz you can hang around like your house, sleep, snap, eat, drink and even gossip in Dynasty is mad great!

I think our next gathering will be in this place again, say no to STATION ONE anymore! WAHAHA...
 Group photo of the day.

P.S: They were planning for the Christmas exchange present session on the Christmas Eve, sadly I can't join them coz Imma going KL on the Christmas Eve! T____________T

 Jennifer you're right! I'm going to say that I OWN A IPHONE 4! WAHAHA.....


Last pic of this post
Wang did not wore his shoes when he is asked to be a cameraman for the next table! WAHAHA...
See! I told ya, you may treat this place as your house, you may move there and then without your shoes, it's FINE! *laughing*

P.S: my one week holiday is going to end, and yet I still haven't start anything, Imma going to be dying soon. *seriously*