Monday, November 2, 2009

Went for movie.......

Last Saturday, I went for a midnight movie with my sis and her friends. We watched Surrogate. This is a nice movie though it is not what I suppose to watch, because sis had told me that we are going to watch Sorority.
Surrogate is a nice movie as I mentioned, this describe how human live with their surrogate and try to hide their face beside the surrogate. I highly recommended!!!

Those surrogates are just a robot which human being control by their mind and humans does not need to meet others by themselves. How good if I have a surrogate.
After the movie, we went to try the new MCD Drive thru which located besides Melaka Mall. This is the first time I passed Drive Thru area, it is simply fun!! We didn’t get to buy anything at there actually, just passed for fun only!!

We went to the MCD restaurant later that, sis’s friend had treated us an ice-cream!! Thank a lot! While waiting for sis's friend to buy the ice-cream, we had some photo!!!

I am eating the ice-cream happily!!! *laughing*
This is what sis's friend had treated us!!! Thank a lot!

PS: People, Surrogate is a nice movie!! If you have time, go and watch it!! super nice!

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