Monday, November 23, 2009

The Christmas Carol...worth it!! =]

I went for a movie with Jennifer today, simply because we both had yearned for for 2012 for so long and now I am going to watch it, kind of happy. However, when we reached there, many people were queuing up and most of them were going to watch 2012 too, I am extremely sad that time, but what to do? We are late. Thus, we had decided to watch “The Christmas Carol” without 3-D glasses.
This movie is full of moral value and of course it has many beautiful scenes for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas so much, hope to see snow once. (Because Malaysia is not going to have snow for the whole year! =[)

As I mentioned, The Christmas Carol is full of moral values. Besides that, it has scary scenes too. It is so damn nice movie. Worth it!!!

Although today I did not watch the movie which I supposed to watch it, but I kinda happy with it, because this movie is damn nice and full of moral values. I love it so much. Besides that, the snow scenes were so nice and beautiful.
Simply love the movie so much.

You guys can go and watch it when you guys are free.

PS: Happy birthday to my little cousin, Xiao Xuan. May your dream come true. I will post her Birthday "Party" Tomorrow, because I am very tired right now.

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