Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wondering it is a rumor or real case?

18 of November 2009


One of my friends told me that there is meteor rain at around 12am to 3am. I was so excited and started to ask some stupid question about the meteor rain. He said that it will happened at northen part of Malaysia, that means Melaka is included. This is the big chance for me to make a wish. Starting to sing MAKE A WISH, MAKE A WISH…. (Sang by zai zai) I was so eager to see it since I have no chance to see before. Thus, I went down stair and have a look of the sky, sadly there is nothing happen. Continue to discuss with the rest of my friends, no solution was done. Is this the real case? Or it is just a rumor from news paper or somewhere else? I am wondering. I do not know at all. Some of my friends were not interested at all, but some yes, they are waiting for the meteor rain. I guess it is just a rumor...Cause now is raining season. Sad case!


Waiting about one hour, there is still no news about the meteor rain. I feel like giving up, and jump into my bed to have a nice sleep for my tired day. But somehow I feel it is a waste to give up, simply because it is too worth if I get to see it. Giving up or still in action? Sleep or wait? I am so confuse. While thinking this entire situation, my friend told me a big funny joke. He said that, today wouldn’t have meteor rain but rain. Get what I mean? I guess no right? Never mind just forget it. This joke is told by his friend, it is so funny. It made me had a stomachache just now, simply funny and cute. LOL


I am giving up now!
I need a rest now, simply because I have a morning class tomorrow. No meteor rain, no waiting, no everything, there is just dark sky with rain!! Melaka rain again. I am freezing right now, going to “jump” into my sweet bed.


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