Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Everything is going downward and many disaster will happened. 2012 is a great movie ever.

I’m dead right now!
The Quantitative Analysis tutorial had cracked my head hardly; I am so headache right now and had given up of doing it. I think I will do it tomorrow morning.
Okay, enough for my tutorial and now I am going to post about my movie today. Guess what guys? I watched 2012 today with my friends, I finally got to watch it, I am so damn happy.

Supposed we have class at 10am, but due to some problem, lecturer had cancelled it, darn! I need to go home again?? OMG!! This is driving me crazy. I hate to drive there and then without any reason; it is freaking HOT la wey. Sometimes, I might think that our lecturer is insane, because she had posted the news in our school website early in the morning. MORNING!!! WTH? Our class starts at 10am, and she expects us to on our computer and checks the news? WTH!! Insane? I just don’t get it. I think this is the disadvantages of school website. Hate our school website so much as I mentioned before.

There is no class between 10am and 4pm, so we are free. Hurray!

Thus, we decided to have a movie today, and we chosen 2012 as I mentioned just now. This movie is damn nice and shocking. Every part of the movie was so real and scary. After watching this movie, I think human selfishness sometimes might hurt anyone in life and determine the life and death. Am I right? So, please do not practice selfness in the real life, because you might need help sometimes. =]

However, I have a question after watching the movie too. that is………………..


Does 2012 will happen in real life?
I am wondering and scare of it
This is freaking scary if it happened as what movie shown, right?
People, who watched it, will know what it is…

PS: people! Do not hesitate to express LOVE when the day happens.
My place...K8!! Lucky number for me today. However, this photo is quite blur due to my lousy hp's camera.
K7,8,9!! 2012 ROCK!! LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH....

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