Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mom off for vacation! =]

My mom went vacation for 3 days; she had embarked around 9.00pm today.
I am FREE right now.
FREE from nagging
FREE from scolding
FREE from breakfast T.T
FREE from lunch = [
FREE from dinner T^T
FREE from everything.

I’m FREEDOM right now!!
Freedom makes me happy yet gets sad sometimes, because I need to settle my breakfast, lunch and dinner by MYSELF!!
I hate to cook or buy food from stalls, simply troublesome sometimes.

However, as what my sis said my mom does not let us to cook for ourselves, because she scared us forget to off the gas. Worried? Yeah! Mom always feels worried whenever she is off from home. Don’t worry la, mom, we will take care of ourselves one, we are not babies. =]

3 days of freedom, what am I going to do for these 3 days??
Started to plan for my weekends now, pretty excited, my uncle and cousins will be back to Melaka the day after tomorrow, so happy for that. I can’t wait for it anymore. *happy*

I’m freedom right now!! yeepee!

PS: mom, enjoy your trips and buy sweet sweet things for me. *blek*

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