Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yin Kun's birthday celebration. =]


It’s today guys!!

Our miss yin Kun’s birthday is on today.

To give her a surprise celebration, our friend in cyber had come back to Melaka. Yeah!! That is our Ms. Shin Yee, Ms. Jac and Mr. Teh, I am so happy with that, because we haven’t seen each other for half a year. HALF A YEAR guys! It is too long to meet them. At first, I was so scared that we have some topic gap from them, but surprisingly, we have no gap at all. It is so nice to meet them again; they are still so cute la. I miss Jac and Shin yee so much, love them either.

We had planned to have a surprise celebration as I mentioned just now. All of us was planned to meet at WING which located at Melaka Raya, and have some random photo capture and fun story. After a few minutes, our birthday girl, Yin Kun had arrived! Yeah! She was shock when she saw the cyber gang had got back and tear started to drop. Pity her la yet surprising actually. The cake arrived, do you feel touching Yin Kun?? Everyone start your voice.

Let's sing together. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you......Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu.................Thank you, thank you =P

Make a wish, make a wish...
What you had wished??Birthday girl is having a good day today. Happy with it??

We had done our job and food will do the rest. (Simply quote it) yes!

Food arrived.

My pepper fried chicken set had arrived. Yum yum!! However, the chicken had disappointed me. Because the saucy is so damn thick. I so dislike the sauce, but never mind the mushroom soup was nice enough.
And my Heineken!! *laughing* It is green tea with “Moli” flower actually. Kinda not my favourite at all. =[

Eating moment was so silence except for ME of course. I won’t be silence for once. While eating, ah jay was so funny, he likes to tell funny story, and I mean “funny” story guys. Do not misunderstand me! It is so lame and yet he is so proud of himself. Ah jay, your funny stories are so lame sometimes, I am sorry. No offense ok?
We had captured tons of photos after the break (I mean after our dinner). We have kind of like couple photo and group photo but not included sampated photo, because my friend’s roommate was there, I am so shy to do it. Sorry la!
Shin Yee: How is the food today? Mr. Koo
Mr. Koo: Erm...I think the food need to be improved. Thank you.
(I love this photo the most- Photo of the day)
The couple.
(we curi-curi captured one.. shhhh...)
With the lovely Jac. Miss you so much..*kiss*
Me and Shin Yee- the lovely and sweet one.
With Aiko and Shin Yee.

I have a great day today, I am happy to see my lovely cyber gang again. Hope you guys will be back the next time.

I had forgotten our "funniest" ah jay. He is busying drawing some cute stuff. Guess what is it??

Two boy and girl picture. J and Q!! I am waiting for the rest of it. Be fast ya!

P/S: I am going to sleep alone in mom's room.

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