Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nice gathering!

I had just finish blowing my Nicky boy hair, and now I am going to blog about the last night gathering.

We had steamboat gathering yesterday at Kai Loon’s house. First time having steamboat with friends, this is kind of weird actually, simply because steamboat is usually for family gathering and not friend. Am I right?

The ingredient!! Thank to Jennifer's mom who cook the delicious soup. It is simple and delicious..Love it!! Thank you....
The ingredients simply look like "satay celup" ingredients right?

Everyone ready?

Then GO.....
Eh! Guys!! Don't rush please. Everyone are getting their food later la wey, so don't rush!!! *laughing*
The EMO girls...
They are so emo yesterday...
Photo, photo, photo...
This is the only photo we captured..rather sad!

Yesterday was a boring gathering actually, I mean after steamboat. Everyone was like doing their own stuff. Some of us were like looking at the “guitarist” playing song, and the rest were playing card for earning money. *swt*
The "guitarists" was playing song for us. Rather noisy...

Now goes to the gamble kaki, they are damn funny and noisy. Because some was like yeah I am the winner….some was like OMG!! Where my luck! Thus noisy mode was on!

After the last game for the gamble kaki, it came to the end of our gathering, everyone was busy packing their stuff and ready to go home, included me!
Although yesterday was a boring gathering, but I really have fun with them. *yeepee*!
PS: I am not going to Sakura House on sunday, rather sad!!! *sigh*

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